21 Ideas to Maximize Your Vintage Garden

A vintage garden is becoming a trend lately. It’s a great way to make your garden more interesting and pleasing than ever. Move some of your antique elements out to your outdoor living space to give it a unique and vintage look. The popularity of this garden’s style has been growing for years. Probably, it’s because of the concept. In order to achieve the style, you need to add a few antique items which you don’t have to spend much money on.

Well, let’s get to it. In this article, we’ll provide you with plenty of ideas to get you ready for having a vintage style of a garden right in your outdoor living spaces. You are going to explore these ideas to get inspired. So, without further ado, we present you these charming ideas.

1. Farmhouse Wall Decor of Flower

Vintage Garden

credit picture by junkchiccottage

Sometime, you may need something to identify what’s your garden is all about. That’s why you can have this wall decoration on the wall right before entering the garden. It’s like a welcoming scene to an amazing vintage garden.

To achieve a vintage look to some spaces, rustic chic items like those bunch of frames may be necessary. You can reuse all of your old used frames to decorate the wall which is on the way to the garden.

2. Recycled Teapots for Vintage Garden

credit picture by freshoom.net

There will be no vintage garden without some vintage items in it. There are a lot of possible ideas that could transform your so-so garden into a more stylish one. This one is a clever idea you can apply to the garden.

Using some recycled teapots to strengthen the vintage look is a great option to try. Each of the teapots has its own unique charm which makes this vertical area more interesting.

3. Teacups and Spoons for Garden Marker

credit picture by decoratorist

A house garden at your backyard won’t be complete without a tiny herbs garden. The strong vintage style in this garden marker comes from the antique design of the three teacups. Just look at them, it’s so fun to look at. The flowery design pattern on the side of each cup is so vintage.

The metal spoons are also matching with the style of the cups. The spoons can be used as the nameplate of the herb you plant.

4. Old Bicycle for Vintage Garden

credit picture by junkchiccottage

One of the old items you can think of when you’re dealing with vintage style is a bicycle. An old bicycle in the middle of the garden will never be weird because that’s where a bicycle supposed to be. But, having it only be a decoration of the garden is not a common thing.

Consider having a bicycle decoration in your front yard like the one in the picture. The bicycle is surrounded by beautiful flowers and other decorative stuff.

5. Vintage Garden with Rustic Wooden Wheel

credit picture by Pinterst

The rustic and vintage style is pretty close to each other. With a rustic furniture, you can turn any place into a farmhouse, vintage, or even rustic surroundings. As you can see, that wooden wheel really catch anyone’s attention.

So, if you want to emphasize a focal point of your vintage garden. This large and old wooden wheel will attract a lot of attention. Make sure you put this large item in the right location.

6. An Old Vintage Cart That Carry Flowers

credit picture by wavez.club

It’s another additional accessory for your outdoor space. This small garden is really special because of that rustic metal cart. In order to ignite the vintage look, you don’t need to repaint or clean the cart. Just leave it rustic and peeled like that.

Then, you can make the cart looks impressive by adding beautiful flowers. Let the cart carries various flowers to let it shine in vintage style.

7. Vintage Plates and Chair Planter

credit picture by hroomy

When you design your garden to be vintage, you need to be in a total focus. As you can see, the element of vintage items in this garden is not maximal but it offers enough charm for your garden.

That antique metal chair won’t be useful in any indoor’s room. Having it as a planter outside would be the right decision to get it to become a nice garden decoration.

8. Birdcage Flower Planter

credit picture by gardenmagz

There is a lot of option you can choose to be turned into a flower planter. Something like that antique chair above, or a rustic cart. How about this birdcage? We all agree that it has an amazing vintage vibe that’s suitable to be a centerpiece of your garden.

The popularity of this small and unique additional flower planter is growing up. It’s actually easy to make. You just need to prepare these:

  • Vintage-styled Metal Birdcage
  • Small Potted Flowers (Any flowers you like)
  • Scissors
  • Roll of moss (For the base)

9. Pretty Garden Piece from Drawers

credit picture by trend4homy

Some old drawers can really make a change to your garden. An upcycled item like this would offer a rustic feel to your small garden. This pretty rustic garden decor can really support the vintage style you are having in your garden.

If you think two drawers are not enough to accommodate your collection of flowers, you are able to install one more drawers. A small garden in corner of your patio would never look so vintage.

10. Vintage Hanging Flower Basket

credit picture by sadieseasongoods

Adding a nice vintage piece hanging from the ceiling of your outdoor space can really make a difference. This hanging flower basket is using an antique piece from the kitchen, an enameled colander, which is pretty thoughtful.

Quote: Sunlight is very important for all plants. So, you have to make sure that hanging colander gets the sun to all sides. Use a swivel hook to hang it and make sure you turn the colander each day to balance it.

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11. Small Deck Herb Garden

credit picture by newmediologo.me

A small vintage garden can be so easy to make. That’s possible if you don’t want to make people amazed by the concept of design. Well, just make it simple, I mean really simple.

Take a look at this small deck herb garden which use some tin cans to work as planters. Well, you’ll agree that it will be super easy to make. But, you won’t get the sense of beauty and interests with these pieces.

12. Flowers Planters Using Vintage Tin Buckets

credit picture by send-for.info

Some vintage tin buckets with various sizes are easy to find. You can get it from nearby antique shops. Using it as planters will require some treatment. You have to make sure the buckets are ready to be used as flower planters. Make some holes for air and don’t forget to water them every day.

These metal containers are perfect for you who want to make the garden in french vintage style.

13. Vintage Flowers Planter with Milk Churn

credit picture by Pinterest

A milk churn is so vintage. It’s something people use to decorate a country rustic style of a wedding party. It’s a great addition you can have for your outdoor space too.

You can get a milk churn from an antique store or if you have a family live on a farm, you can ask for their milk churn to be the flower planter in your vintage garden.

14. Old Rustic Wash Tub to Hang with Flowers

credit picture by novitalas

Add a charm of beauty in your garden and make it more and more impressive. This old rustic wash tub is uncommonly used as a centerpiece of a garden. But, with the vintage design you can add any old rustic item you want as long as it has a matching charm.

You don’t have to use the tub as the planter or a pot, it’s only used as a hanging basket to handle the potted flowers you have. So, the flowers would be safe and special.

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15. Creative Garden Dresser

credit picture by gardendecor.us

There are a lot of ways to recycle old furniture you have inside your house to create a fairytale garden. Well, you can start by thinking about the right furniture you have for your garden. As you can see, this vintage garden uses an old pink dresser to be used as a planter.

You can plant the flowers inside all of the drawers that the dresser has. The color of each flower that blends with pink dresser would fascinate everyone who sees. It’s a great centerpiece for your outdoor space.

16. Galvanised Metal Water Trough

credit picture by Pinterest

If you live on a farm or have an experience about it, you may know what a water trough is. It’s a watering point to provide drinking water for livestock on farms. If you got an unused water trough, you can use it as a planter.

It would be an awesome additional rustic piece in the middle of your vintage garden. Also, gather some other rustic tools to support the whole set of this water through the garden.

17. Wicker Planters for Vintage Garden

credit picture by ebay

It’s a vintage decor to fill up your garden. If you think your garden is not vintage enough, you may need to add more vintage elements like this potted flowers. Look at those three wicker baskets. They’ve got rustic color and texture that are perfect for your vintage garden.

Fill them up with colorful flowers to avoid being too much rustic on it. The various size o the baskets add more interests to the garden.

18. Shabby Chic Garden Decoration

credit picture by orchids-gardening.info

However, It’s an all-out concept of the vintage garden. There are a lot of rustic pieces right from this point of view. Some people might think that it’s too rustic and dirty for a garden. Some other will find the artistic beauty of this shabby chic decoration for the vintage garden.

This set of garden decor is very consistent. All of the elements here are some old stuff. From that distressed wooden container, broken cart, and that old dirty barrel on the background. Without that yellow flower and decorative branches, this is just a complete garbage.

19. Garden Decor with Vintage Door Frame

credit picture by goodsgn

A wooden door frame can also be a great option for your garden. This garden piece would make a difference to any outdoor space. If you have an unused door frame, you can put it in your outdoor area to be used to as a base for flowers.

Start decorating the vintage door by applying some flower planters that can grow to spread all over the frame. In front of the door, you can hang nice potted flowers to beautify the view.

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20. Chair Planter In The Garden

credit picture by Pinterest

A vintage metal chair can be used as a flower planter for your outdoor space. As you can see, that chair planter is filled with a pretty small flower. It’s placed in the patio area which you can combine with other planters.

You can have more chair planters as you want according to concept similary like above. To achieve the right style, the vintage chair design is required. The planter space on the chair is very limited. Be smart in dealing with it.

21. Vintage Campfire Flower Bed

credit picture by thehideaway.info

It’s a great idea to set a focal point or a centerpiece of your backyard. Use this antique campfire to be used as a flower planter. Set them up in the middle of the yard just like a real campfire but it’s only used for garden decoration.

It’s a campfire set that you can’t set on fire. You have to design and decorate it with a bunch of flowers. It’s possible to have more than one sets of this campfire flower bed. What makes this campfire so unique is that complete rustic cooking utensils.

Quote: Make sure you have complete utensils for cooking in a campfire. Because this campfire replica needs to be outstanding in the middle of the garden.

In Conclusion

Get ready to amaze people with your outstanding vintage garden design. With a lot of ideas above, I guess you will be easy to decide which one or two that deserve to decorate your outdoor space. Whether it’s a small or full garden, a vintage style is a great choice for it.

You have to consider applying more than one ideas you have explored above, right into your outdoor space. All of the vintage garden ideas are easy to make and the material used is also affordable. So, Don’t worry about the budget.

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