Simple Steps How to Build Greenhouse with 15 Ideas

These guides of how to build greenhouse would definitely fascinate you. You will be surprised about how cheap and easy these greenhouses to build. You can really build it by yourself right in your backyard. This article will provide you with some greenhouse designs with instructions. So, you can manage to follow the steps and start building it. With these plans, I believe you can grow your own vegetables and fruits securely. The reason why people need a greenhouse to grow plants is that it provides a controlled temperature area that many plants can thrive. When you feel that the outdoor conditions are terrible for growing plants, greenhouses could save them. 

If you really want to know about how to build greenhouse for your backyard easily, you may need to know how to make a small one. So, here are some simple steps to follow in order to make a mini greenhouse.

Simple STEPS Tips : 

  • First, you have to do the measuring, marking and cutting for 20 pieces of lumber with a size of 2 inch that has 4 feet in length.

  • Then, lay four pieces of those lumber in a square. You have to secure the edges together using wood screws. Drill the lumber to make pilot hols. Do this again to make a second square. This is the step to make the top and bottom part of the greenhouse.

  • Place one lumber piece vertically at each corner. Secure them all using wood screws again. This is the corner part.

  • The next step is marking all 4 pieces of base by 16 inches from each end. Put a piece of lumber vertically at each of the markings. Secure it again with wood screws.

  • The last step would be another measuring, marking, and cutting. But this time, it’s for the plastic sheeting. Cut five of them with slightly larger than the size of the greenhouse. Using a staple gun, you can secure the plastic.

There you have, your very own greenhouse at your backyard. You can fill it with your fruit or vegetable plants. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to plant something in your backyard.

Well, there are many ideas of DIY greenhouse design available. You may want to explore some of the great designs which are budget-friendly and easy to make. Here they are:

1. Simple 5×5 Hoop Greenhouse

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The design of this green is very simple but it can only contain a little number of plants. You can build it for 25 dollars. You just need some PVC pipes with connectors, plastic sheeting, and zip ties.

Just by seeing this picture, you might not need to see the full instruction of how to build greenhouse. Because it looks so simple and easy to make. Prepare your seeds ready to be planted inside this simple greenhouse.

2. DIY Greenhouse with Poly Sheeting

credit picture by i.pinimg

With some basic woodworking skills, you can build a small size of real greenhouse using simple frame structures that are covered with poly sheeting. It’s gonna be the ideal place to begin the seeds early in the season of spring.

Even though it’s not the mini version of a greenhouse, you can still build it yourself. You can just follow its steps carefully. Building this, you need to begin with the plywood sheathing base.

Then, the walls using treated framing lumber and screws. The rest of the steps will be about the roof, floor, and the siding.

3. The Miniature Locker-Style Greenhouse

credit picture by hometipsworld

For you who only have limited space to build a greenhouse maybe you need to find out how to build greenhouse like this one. It’s a miniature locker-style greenhouse that looks cute for your small backyard.

You need to have 3 storm windows to create such box’s frame. The roof of this locker-style greenhouse is made of a pane of glass. You can attach hinges in order to open the greenhouse for extra air.

A wood pallet platform is used to be the base of this greenhouse structure. It lifts the greenhouse away from the grass. If you need additional space inside the greenhouse, you can add a shelf inside.

4. Flower Bed Greenhouse Idea

how to build greenhouse

credit picture by homebnc

These cute greenhouses would absolutely inspire you just by looking at them. Even though it doesn’t come with the steps of how to build greenhouse, I’m pretty sure you can copy the design and structure of this flower bed greenhouse.

From far, you’ll agree if I say it looks like a bunch of dog houses. Well, that’s actually the original inspiration for designing this greenhouse. Some people would rather have a bunch of small greenhouses than one large greenhouse.

5. Mini Hoop Garden House

credit picture by i.pinimg

It’s the mini version of hoop greenhouse you often find on a farm. The construction of this greenhouse is made using PVC pipes and plastic sheeting as cover. This is a simple design for a greenhouse comparing to the entire free-standing structure.

You can even build it above the flower beds where you have the seedlings planted already. As the base, you have to cover the whole side with some wood plank to give the space to fill the soil. In this garden house, the pots are not needed.

6. A Lean-to Greenhouse Using Recycled Wood Pallet

credit picture by i.pinimg

This is probably the easiest greenhouse building on the list. As you can see, the design is very simple yet creative. You can fill the greenhouse with a bunch of potted plants. According to the plans, you can build this simple pallet greenhouse with only four steps.

This recycled wood pallet greenhouse consists of a triangle door with two hinges, wooden frame, and plastic sheeting cover. The plastic used should be in 3m x 4, in size. You can just cut and staple it to the frame.

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7. A Greenhouse Made of Some Old Windows

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Sometimes, a greenhouse is also called a glass house. You can literally use glass material to cover the greenhouse instead of using the cheap plastic sheeting. Glass covering might be pretty expensive while you are wanting to spend the budget as low as possible.

Well, using recycled glass item like windows would save a fortune. Just follow the steps of how to build greenhouse using old windows like this one. Then, you can have this old but fancy glasshouse for your plants in the backyard.

8. Barn Greenhouse Idea

credit picture by furnitureteams

People choose the design or structure of their greenhouse according to the situation or condition of their area. If your area have an issue, you need to know precisely what the issue is. Well, this bran greenhouse is designed for an area that has a high wind issue and snowfall issue too.

Just by looking at it, you already know that this project wouldn’t be a cheap project. You may need to spend a little more of your budget. But, it’s really worth it since you do need the greenhouse to be strong and well-maintained.

You will get the sturdy-constructed greenhouse with the stability from the corrugated plastic and roofing tin as the cover.

9. Fold-Down Garden House Idea

credit picture by ideahacks

One of the unique greenhouse design is this fold-down garden. It’s perfect for you who want a practical greenhouse which is easy to make. If you can’t find out about how to build greenhouse with fold-down cover, you don’t have to worry because you can search the instruction online.

This garden house consists of some squares that are joined together by plastic sheeting. They are also hinged at one end. The hinge allows the whole garden house to be lifted away to uncover the plant and start caring, weeding, and watering the plants. You can fold it down when finished.

10. The Trampoline Greenhouse

credit picture by 2.bp.blogspot

An old broken trampoline can be turned into an amazing greenhouse for your backyard garden. Some families have their own unused or broken trampoline that is left alone in the warehouse or backyard. Well, it’s time to make use of it.

You can make a robust greenhouse from that old trampoline using this project. This is for you who want to upcycle something in your house. The tube shape of this greenhouse is very familiar. The difference is that the structure is made of a tough steel.

Grab your tools and equipment. Prepare some PVC pipes and other supporting items. You could have a robust greenhouse instead of an old, ugly trampoline from the past.

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11. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

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Who are in the mood of recycling? Check out this greenhouse that supports the Go Green movement. All of the wood frames are covered with plenty of plastic bottles. The hard part of this project would be the collecting of the plastic bottle.

Well, if you have time to gather and clean the bottle from anywhere possible, you can just start collecting right now. But, you can also buy it from your neighbor or from the store. I believe recycled plastic bottles are available there.

12. A Greenhouse from Covered Wagon

credit picture by off-grid-geek.blogspot

There are some greenhouse designs in this list are hoop style. This greenhouse is quite different. It’s a combination of cold frame and hoop-style greenhouse. It won’t allow you to get inside and it’s got some long PVC hoops that let the plant grow taller.

This greenhouse has a small size. If you are skilled enough, you might know how to build greenhouse like this. It has a simple building structure that you can make just by using your standard power tools. Some experts recommend this greenhouse design for a beginner in greenhouse planting.

13. The Collapsible Greenhouse

credit picture by Pinterest

It’s a miniature greenhouse that you can fold away when you don’t need it. There will be no greenhouse at your backyard while you don’t have plants to feel. Whenever you want to start planting again, you can build it again easily. It’s easy to collapse, and easy to build again.

The idea of this collapsible greenhouse is very clever. You can place it anywhere in the sunny yard. You can even move it anywhere you want in your yard until you find the perfect spot for the plants inside.

The measuring is only about 4 feet x 3 feet. There are some windows made of plastic film. This greenhouse is sitting on the wood platform. For a money that’s less than 300 dollars, you can have this greenhouse.

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14. Mini Greenhouse with an Umbrella

credit picture by familyhandyman

In order to have a greenhouse, you don’t need to build it, actually. Because some greenhouse designs only require items addition without even need a single step on constructing. A clear plastic umbrella will be used as the plastic sheeting cover, just like a greenhouse.

You can use an umbrella for many types of plants. Some plants can’t handle it because the plants might think that it’s just a simple but fake greenhouse. It’s not even a room. There will be so limited space for air to go around. Although, it’s very easy and so practical.

Making this mini greenhouse is simply just adding the umbrella and there you have it. Make sure the umbrella is a clear plastic umbrella. Other kinds of umbrella such as colored umbrella, won’t be tolerated.

15. Colorful Scrap Window Greenhouse

credit picture by diyideas

Another design of greenhouse that’s full of windows, this time is more colorful than before. Just by looking at that blue greenhouse, it seems like a professional has built this greenhouse. It doesn’t look like it’s DIY.

The original idea of this greenhouse is a DIY project. But, if you want this in your backyard and you don’t have any advanced skill of woodworking, you may need to call for help from some professionals to show you how to build greenhouse. Or, just let them build it.

In Conclusion

There are five things you need to consider when building a greenhouse. I’m talking about the location, size, foundation, materials, and instructions.

When you pick the right spot, measuring the right size, giving the right foundation, providing the right materials, and following the instructions of how to build greenhouse, you will definitely get a greenhouse as perfect as you want.

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