Build Your Garden Storage with this Tips and Ideas

Garden is part of your home areas where you can put any kinds of plants in it. Besides, the garden can also be the best place for you to have relaxation by enjoying the fresh plants grown in your garden. For those who are keen on gardening, you may need a little more extra space in your garden to store some types of equipment or spend time preparing your next project in the garden. As a result, garden storage is a must for you to have since it provides you with a load of benefits. Moreover, there are varies of beautiful and practical designs and many other interesting things about garden storage that you need to know. Now, let’s check this out!

1. What’s So Useful About Garden Storage in A Garden?

Perhaps some of you are still not that familiar about garden storage. Here are some useful guidelines about the functions of garden storage.

garden storage backyard

  • The number one function of garden storage is to provide a place for your gardening equipment. Instead of using your house area in placing your gardening equipment, you can build garden storage with your own design and size so that every single material can be safely stored. Moreover, you can use them all quicker and much efficient ways to maintain your garden plants.

  • Adding well-designed garden storage in your garden can also be the best idea to improve your garden’s style. As the designs of garden storage vary, so you can choose your own best ideas for making your yard look better by modifying your garden storage with lots of beautiful yet useful things, like unique colors, sledding doors, and many more.

  • People who find themselves interested in having gardening activity also agree that garden storage is the best place for them to get comfortable. Since most garden storage is self-made, thus, each person can add their own things and designs into it. To prove this, you may start to build your own immediately.

  • Put some more cool stuff into your garden storage like heating or cooling systems, colorful or characterized-painted wall so that it can be another fantastic place to have. For instance, it can be a getaway home office in finishing deadline tasks or even a playground for your kids to spend their day having fun together in a pleasant and relaxing garden.

  • Last but not least, not only as a getaway but cool-designed garden storage can be a fantastic place for you to host a party with friends and family.

2. The Essentials Things to Consider Before Building Storage

Based on the functions mentioned, you may start to get interested in building your own garden storage. Here are the essential things you need to know before making one.

metal garden storage

  1. First of all, you need to decide the functionality of the garden storage, whether it is merely for storage, or to add more spaces for working, playground or as other functional parts of the great designs of your lovely garden.

  2. After deciding the main function, you have to check out the space provided in your garden. Then, you will know which location that suits the best to build the garden storage. The position is considered one of the most important things to consider so that your garden storage can be well-built and functioned perfectly.

  3. Functions and location have been set. Now, your next job is to find the best materials you can use for your garden storage. For your information, there are lots of materials you can use. To choose one, you can pick them based on your needs, or if you find it quite confusing, you may ask people who are expert in it to give you recommendations.

  4. Now, we are moving to the economical thing that requires you to consider the budget for building the garden storage. Apparently, for those who want to have additional spaces or functions, the budget will undoubtedly increase, but for sure you can feel all the comfort.

  5. Next, plan your garden storage designs, whether it is the basic one, the luxurious one or any other kinds of design that you consider suit your garden best. Additionally, not only the building designs but you also need to plan for the whole design including the setting of the inside of your garden storage.

3. Helpful Tips to Pick The Perfect Location

To build garden storage, it depends on the perfect location a lot to make it be successfully established even long-lasting. Take a look at the tips below for finding the best spot!

contemporary garden storage

  • The first thing first, you can start at the place that has a little number of tree roots, debris or even stumps. As a result, you can build the storage safely and may not affect any plants grown in your garden.

  • In the storage area, you need to include kinds of essential equipment which are heavy or even easily broken. To save you from this kind of situation, you need to be aware of the location of the storage dealing with drainage. It is highly recommended to have a good drainage area where it is safe from any flooding cases. Thus, your valuable equipment will be safe as well.

  • To make your garden storage long lasting, it is recommended not to apply the storage below the overhanging plants or trees. We will never know what comes to happen to the garden and your plants, so it is better to be aware first.

  • Also, you need to consider whether your storage requires natural light sources for the plants or water supplies. Thus, you can try to apply it around the area with best sunlight sources or the place with reachable water supplies.

  • In some cases, building garden storage within certain conditions will require a permit. Fortunately, it only occurs in certain places. For instance, large garden storage built in a conservation area will need planning permission before starting the building process. Each location has different kinds of regulations, so it is not a wrong thing to know how it works in your living area, isn’t it?

4. The Most Recommended Materials You Can Apply Immediately

wood garden storage

There are kinds of recommended materials you can apply for your garden storage building. Take a look at the list below and choose the best one!

  • Wood Materials.

One of the most used materials is wooden storage. A pressure-treated wooden material is a significant material since it can prevent any rotting cases for years. Besides, this material also provides you with an aesthetic value which can naturally blend with your garden. Put on some paintings, and you can turn it into amazingly beautiful garden storage.

  • Metal Materials.

Metal protects better than the wooden one. It is not only healthy and durable, but metal storage is also fireproof. Since it can get possibly rusted, you need extra more maintenance to ensure that the storage can protect your equipment in any kinds of weather.

  • Vinyl Materials.

Another strong and durable types you can use is the storage made of vinyl materials. Keeping your garden stuff here can prevent them from getting rotten or broken in any kinds of weather. Moreover, vinyl offers little maintenance unlike the previous two materials which allow you to have regular checking on the storage for its scratch, crack, or rotten cases.

  • Colorbond Materials.

If you prefer simplicity and affordable garden storage. Colorbond materials are what you are looking for. With fantastic color and long-lasting storage, feel free to keep your garden equipment in simple yet elegant garden storage.

  • Weatherboard Materials.

For those who are willing to build more spaces in the garden store, such as for office, playground, etc., weatherboard materials are highly recommended. Even though it costs higher than others, but the quality worth the price.

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5. Kinds of Inspiring and Creative Garden Storage Designs

shed plans

Are you still wondering about which design should you apply? You can find some inspiring ideas down.

  1. Chests and Boxes Garden Storage.

The basic design of garden storage is the chests and boxes designs. Fortunately, nowadays, you can find lots of it with creative modifications like the handles at each side and wheels at the bottom to move the storage easily. Also, for safety and protection, this design can even come with secure locks.

  1. Outdoor Cabinets.

If you have only small spaces left in your garden, you can have an outdoor cabinet as the garden storage which is tall and practical. The shelves inside this one door or two door cabinets can provide you with perfect storage to keep your garden hand tools. As a finishing, put on the padlock key to keep it safe.

  1. Garden Storage Bench

Willing to provide your family with great garden decorations? Garden storage bench can be in one of the listed things. Below the beautiful and comfortable garden bench, you can build slide-out storage to put your garden stuff safely and efficiently.

  1. Timber Bars

The next design provides you with comfort, style, and functionality all in one thing. Within the bar built in your garden storage, it is not only for storing your garden stuff, but it can also play a role in your family gathering time or even garden party hosted in your place.

  1. Personalized room for certain items

Those who have kids at home, garden storage with bike store is an excellent idea. On the other hand, if you like collecting woods, don’t forget to provide a special place for it which can be applied in your garden storage as well. Moreover, to keep things clean, a bin store in the garden storage is a must to build.

6. How to Build A DIY Garden Storage Steps by Steps?

Garden Storage

shed storage ideas

For having excellent garden storage, you may build it by yourself or purchase it and let the expert make it for you. Here are how to create garden storage by yourself.

  1. After choosing the best location for the garden store, you need to measure the length and the width of the area in the land you want to use. Then dig 2 or 3 inches using gravel to make a hole. Prepare the foundation of the storage using solid concrete blocks and place it into the provided space.

  2. Get the 2 by 4 inch wood pieces. Here, the measurement can be adjusted based on your garden storage dimensions. Next, arrange the wood pieces into several frames with a slanted top. After that, you can nail the wood pieces standing up.

  3. Add some wood cross pieces in the middle and right of the frames. Use the wood boards to nail around the frame. Make sure you have left some spaces for the door and then fasten the roof on top of the storage.

  4. Create the door of the storage by combining the wood boards. Don’t forget to nail the wood strips on the backs of the door as well as the handle at the front. To attach the door, choose the sturdy hinges to make it perfectly fit.

  1. Additionally, it is recommended to use the pressure treated one for strong and durable storage. Pine and cedar woods are considered the best one to build on your garden storage.

  2. If you find it difficult to build yourself, you may ask help from neighbor or relatives. However, you can still try the alternative of buying the constructed kit. As a result, you merely need to combine them all based on the provided instructions.

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7. Kinds of Additional Things to Put in Your Storage

Garden storage is there to keep your stuff safe and stored. Thus, you may need a little extra thing to make your storage functioned perfectly.

secure your shed

  1. Security Locks.

When you build your own storage, you may need to provide for security locks to keep your stuff safe from any intruders or even from the changes of the weather. To get the best one, you may go to the outdoor fixings and ask for the available padlocks, or any security locks fit your storage.

  1. Storage Maintenance

For those who prefer the natural look of wood, you need to keep in mind that these kinds of storage need maintenance to prevent them from getting rotten. As a result, by applying protective treatment into your wooden storage, it will keep looking naturally beautiful.

  1. Nets and Baskets

There are kinds of garden stuff with kinds of sizes and functions. To store some small objects that can be easily hidden among other things, you may need to apply nets that are storage these small objects. Besides, baskets are also very helpful to store crushable objects and keep them safe and clean.

  1. Bench Cushions

To get multi-function garden storage, some people choose the garden storage bench style where you can have a slid storage and a comfortable bench on top. Here, a bench cushion will not only play a role as a decoration, but it provides comfort as well.

  1. Wheels and Handles

To make your garden storage reachable and easy to move, some wheels below may need to be attached. Also, the handles on each side of the storage will be helpful in moving the storage. Thus, you can finish your gardening job much quicker and easier.

8. How to Overcome A Messy Garden Storage?

When a busy day comes by, there will be no time for you to organize each part of the garden storage. Unfortunately, messy storage just makes everything worse and even slower your work. So, take a look at some helpful ways to overcome your messy storage problem!

messy storage

  1. For organizing time, make sure you have plenty of time and check out the weather. If it is a dry day, the first thing to do is get your stuff out of the storage. Then, look at all of the parts of the building and ensure whether they are several broken parts, damages or even water entries.

  2. Next, you can fix them out like giving more treatments to the building, especially if it is wooden, you can use wood polish for preventing from any severe damages. Clean up the dirt and dusty parts using wipes or special sprays for dirt.

  3. Now, after the storage is clean enough, you may go back to the stuff you temporarily put outside. Here, you may do the sorting to the things you consider not useful anymore. For those broken things that can’t be fixed, you may throw them out to the bin immediately. However, if they are still okay but you never use it anymore, you may donate it to others who may need it.

  4. Finish sorting out stuff, and you get all the essential stuff you need. To continue, you need to do one more sorting activity which allows you to sort things with similar sizes and shapes to be in one group.

  5. Last but not least, you may need some sort of ropes to tie up each group of the stuff. Not only ropes, but you can also put them inside an available basket or boxes.

9. Amazing Tips to Secure your Storage

Some researchers show that around 20% of garden storage is left with no locks to secure the stuff inside. As a result, it makes garden storage becomes one of the best targets for the thieves to steal some essential things in it. Now, let’s follow the amazing tips below to secure the garden storage safe.

Garden Storage

tips to secure

  • First thing first, the most important thing you need to notice for your garden storage security lock is about its high standard or quality. If you want to ensure its safety, any kinds of security padlock that you apply must contain several materials which can prevent the thieves or any intruders from unlocking it with a screwdriver.

  • Are you still wondering about which security lock that you use for your garden storage? One of the most recommended security locks is the one that is made of hardened steel. As an example, close shackle padlock is a strong and good quality that you can apply for your garden storage.

  • Now, take a look at the door hinges. Even if the storage door is locked, but the intruder will think about other ways to get inside by removing the screws off the door hinges. Thus, safety studs or coach bolts are recommended to protect your storage door hinges from getting eliminated.

  • Next, put additional integral mesh grille into your store windows. Besides, put also the fitted curtains so that the thieves can peak or even steal into your storage at night.

  • For those who store heavy duty important stuff inside the store, such as bikes, lawnmowers, ladders, and others, you may need to chain them up into a link and secure with an additional padlock for the safety. Additionally, ensure that the lock is good quality and not easy to break in.

10. Top 5 Wonderful Design Ideas to Improve Your Garden Aesthetic

Garden storage is not only built to keep your garden stuff safe, but it can improve the aesthetic of your garden if you apply some beautiful storage designs below.

  1. Vintage Style Storage

vintage style

This style is considered one of the best things to add to your garden since it goes naturally beautiful and lovely to combine with garden. Some great exteriors are like salvaged windows along with the trim. Besides, for the color, your small garden storage will look bright within bold color.

  1. Glassy Garden Storage

glassy style

For those who prefer to store their plants inside the storage, this glassy storage style is highly recommended. Choose the light, and you can turn this storage into an eye-catching side of the garden that blends naturally wonderful with your green and flowery garden.

  1. Rustic and Country Style Storage

country style

The country-style appeals allow your storage to build within the rustic wooden trellises along with the bard boards. As additional decorations, you can put on some hanging plants on the walls of the storage. The sunny stoop of the storage can also be a perfect spot to grow your plants. Also, you can have a relaxing time in your home-country style storage by adding a comfortable seat to enjoy your time.

  1. Simple and Quick Kit Style

simple style

If you want to have simple yet well-designed garden storage, you can apply the pre-cut openings for the door and windows. Moreover, if you have no spare time to do, this quick style can be quickly done on the weekend by just adding some hanging baskets or window boxes full of beautiful flowers inside as finishing touch.

  1. Modern and Elegant Concept

elegant style

Create a luxurious getaway by having mortared stone steps into the storage. Meanwhile, for adding the polish and high-security feature, a curved metal handrail is also recommended to improve the elegance of your garden storage.

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Get Inspiring Ideas of Outstanding Garden Storage Designs

Do you want to take a look at the sites with a gallery full of excellent garden storage design ideas? Check out the list below and click on the links immediately!

  1. Visit the diyncrafts to get other DIY Storage Ideas for your garden and subscribe your email to get updated with many useful and brilliant information dealing with garden and other houses’ interiors and designs.

  2. Finding outdoor storage solution?, just go to keter then you will be directed into an organized website full of fantastic information, tips, designs ideas and many more dealing with furniture, storage and organization solutions.

  3. thespruce provides you with amazing tips about home decorations, gardening ideas, home repairs and cleaning, crafts, pets and many more. Go to the garden sublinks, and you will find numbers of helpful articles including the garden storage designs gallery.

  4. Home BNC that mainly discusses home decorations is also one of the must-visit websites to get great references in planning your garden storage ideas. Go check out the gallery on homebnc.

  5. Visit the gardenloversclub and join the club to get updated with many useful and brilliant information dealing with garden ideas and other resources about gardening.

  6. Feel free to surf the balconygardenweb to fill your day with creative and innovative tips and tricks, designs and latest news dealing with gardening.

In Conclusion

After recognizing all the things you need to know about garden storage, it is time for you to start planning and building it into your garden. You can apply some useful tips and amazing designs explained above to take care of the storage.

Hopefully, the information provided can help you a lot in maintaining your garden and make things work faster and even better than before. Gardening is one of the great things to do to keep the green environment at least around your house. So, happy gardening!


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