air purifying plants

20 Air Purifying Plants Will Give You a Healthier Life!

Essentially, all plants have the ability to produce oxygen by using the carbon-dioxide through a photosynthetic process. Moreover, there are also a few kinds of plants that can be functioned as air purifying plants. The National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA) held a Clean Air Study in 1989 which confirmed that there are several plants […]

Indoor Trees

10 BEST Popular Indoor Trees to Grow in Your Living Room!

Frank Llyod White, a notable architect once said that nature will never fail you. Nature supports you to live from the oxygen they provide. That is why most of the people nowadays complement their house design with some indoor trees. These trees will not just become another decoration. Instead, indoor trees will make the air […]

11 AMAZING Low Light Indoor Plants! for Greener House

Having indoor plants is a great idea to create a fresher atmosphere. However, some houses have less than the ideal light situation for plants to thrive. Luckily, there are many low light indoor plants options to adorn such houses. These plants can still thrive even without constant bright light, and you don’t need painstaking maintenance […]

10 BEST Indoor Plants Easy Maintenance! with TIPS

Choosing the right best indoor plants can be hard if you don’t have green thumbs. Some plants are hard to maintain, and you may need to replace them now and then. Luckily, many plants are easy to care, resilient, but still beautiful.   Here are 10 best indoor plants recommendations you can pick to make your house […]

29 IDEAS – Simple Chic! Indoor Garden Plant Home Apartment

Living in an apartment may be convenient, but it can bring limitations. For example, you cannot have a garden with all your favorite flowers. Luckily, there are Indoor garden plant apartment ideas you can try to adorn your living space. These plants are convenient, need only a little space, and perfect to make your apartment more […]

25 BEST – DIY Hanging Plant Ideas Containers Outdoor!

Hanging plant ideas have more benefits than traditional pots. They are perfect for small space, and pets or kids cannot mess them up. You can adorn your house with DIY hanging plant ideas containers. They are easy, beautiful, and can reduce junks in your house. Here are some great ideas you can try right now. […]