Build your body with This Vegetable High in Protein!

The human body needs nutrition to maintain health and fitness. As there are many options of foods, you might find that providing an excellent nutrition source is an easy thing to do. Thanks to the development of technology, nowadays humans can produce foods high in nutrition. But, do you know some foods remain nutritious without the touch of technology? Indeed, vegetables are your life savior. Even when you don’t cook them, veggies are still delicious and crunchy to eat. Fortunately, vegetable high in protein is easy to find at the nearest supermarket. Besides, even the most straightforward recipe will give a great taste when you cook them.

Before you know what kind of vegetable high in protein are, you need to know some types of vegetables at stores. When you purchase plants at the store, you will have two kinds of vegetables which are the ‘common’ vegetables and organic vegetables. Organic vegetables are more expensive than ‘common’ vegetables as it claims to be chemical free. However, you might want to know which one the best is, for choosing a high-quality option of green for cooking will also support your body to be healthier.

1. You must need protein?

vegetable high in protein


One of the most essential nutrients you need to consume every day is protein. By having a stable protein intake, you will feel good about your body. The sources of protein are various, depending on how you choose them and how you love the foods. But, you can get proteins from vegetables, too. Plenty of proteins are available in vegetables which are easy to cook and way cheaper than getting proteins from meat. But, what are the benefits of consuming enough proteins?

2. The Importance of Protein for Human Body

Peptide bond

Protein is the most vital nutrients that are beneficial for your body. Proteins can be found everywhere, from your hair to your nails. Indeed, your body parts are made of protein. It means, protein is a vital part of your body. Proteins are made from amino acids which form chains. What makes them chained and stick together is a bond called the peptide bond. From the bond, proteins build many kinds of molecules and form, including the human body. Therefore, you can imagine how it is formed and how it is essential for your body.

Getting enough protein intake for a day is essential for everyone, as protein will give you so many benefits for a healthy body. In this case, consuming vegetable high in protein will help you to fulfill your protein need in a day. There are so many kinds of vegetable with high protein so you can choose one of them as your favorite. Here are some functions of proteins and why you have to get enough protein intake for getting a healthy body:

1. Strength, Energy and Health.

Protein helps your body to regulate the processes for building your strength and others. For instance, the enzyme is functional for your body as it will boost the chemical reactions inside your body, making it more energetic and healthy. Let’s imagine your body function without enzyme. Human body might not be able to form well without protein. The simplest example is the failure to break down and process the foods, which will make the regulation inside your body system ruined.

2. Build your Body

As you know before, proteins are formed from the chains of amino acids that are bonded by the peptide bonds. It means, it also creates something bigger. In human, proteins also have a function to build your body. It started as being a molecule, blocks of proteins and ended up building human organs and other body parts. It makes the existence of protein is essential for the human body. In other words, protein provides structure to the human body, so it has a particular shape.

3. Health Recovery

Protein also contains the best way for human body growth. Protein is essential for breaking down tissues and rebuilding it again. Especially when a human is sick or in pregnant condition, protein is very critical to body condition. Besides, protein will also support body recovery after injury and surgery. Therefore, the function of a protein is vital for everyone, especially in some individual cases like injury, pregnancy and even for the older adults who need plenty of recovery in their systems.

4. Helps Digestion

A specific function of the enzyme is to boost and provide chemical reactions in your body. In this case, proteins have unique structures that will enable them to react with other molecules inside your body, creating such a process for many functions for your life. For example, the enzyme plays a significant role in muscle contraction, digestion, blood clots, and energy production. Of course, it shows protein has lots of functions in your vital functions.

5. Maintain Endurance

Your body regulates in a particular pH condition. If there is any slight difference in your pH condition, there might be something happen to your body. In this case, protein also provides the best role as it regulates the balance of your pH in your body. Hemoglobin in your blood is a kind of protein that builds red blood cells. There are so many other functions of protein for your healthy body to keep it healthy.

After you know some of the most essential functions of proteins for your body, it is the time for you to figure out which vegetable high in protein is. You will feel lucky as these vegetables are easy to find and you can cook them simply. Besides, you will also get more information about how you can use the foods for fulfilling the protein need in your body. Some of these vegetables are popular, and they might be your favorite veggies.

3. Getting to Know with High Protein Vegetables

Consuming vegetables might be challenging, especially if you don’t like eating them since your childhood. But, the high amount of protein will keep your body healthy and fit. So, you can boost your protein intake by choosing some of these fresh, crunchy vegetable high in protein:


Broccoli is our first stop, as this greenery contains 4.26 grams of protein in every 1 medium stalk. Despite so many people who hate consuming broccoli, this vegetable will always be your choice for a perfect vegetable high in protein. To cook it, you can opt to boil or steam them to get the freshest and most delicious juicy taste.


If you love potato, then you are in a good position to consume them over again. This delicious vegetable is a good option if you want to consume a veggie with high protein as it contains 5 grams of protein per 1 medium potato. Plus, it will be satisfying. There are heaps of potato recipes you can try, from the steam to the baked ones, you are free to choose! Please take note to cook its skin for extra protein!

Green Pea

Another popular vegetable to brighten your day as a healthy-cooking lover; green peas as a vegetable high in protein. Often found in soup and other delicious foods, this green, small peas are delicious to try. You can get the best taste by eating them with soup. Don’t worry, although its mushy texture is not for everyone, you will get high protein as it contains 8.5 grams of protein per 1 cup of a green pea.


Another green for your protein intake options, it is edamame. It is often available as a snack as well as being a good choice for your cooking addition. In this case, edamame is also popular in any sushi restaurant. Now, you have more reasons to consume this green pea for your health. It contains lots of proteins, as it has 18 grams proteins in each cup of serving.


If you love eating corn, then congratulations! You can eat more of it to keep your protein need to be fulfilled. Sweet corn is delicious and will be nutritious for you. It contains 4.68 grams of proteins in 1 large ear of corn. For its servings, you can cook them to be many kinds of foods, including soup, salad, and other creations. All depends on your imagination to cook this vegetable high in protein.


Asparagus is also a vegetable that will give you the proper amount of protein for your body need. Often served as a soup ingredient and also grilled along with meat or fish, asparagus is a good alternative for everyone who is looking for a delicious choice to fulfill their protein need. In every cup of asparagus, you can get 2.9 grams of protein for a healthier body.


Artichokes will also be a good option if you want to consume a delicious option to fulfill your protein need. Artichokes will be delicious to cook for being an ingredient of soup and steamed for a crunchy taste. It is a vegetable high in protein with 4 grams of protein per 1 artichoke. Besides its crunchy, delicious sensation when eating them, you can also get the best, delicious choice when cooking them.

Brussel sprouts

Brussel sprouts were one of the most hated vegetables when you were a child. But, if you want to get the most of it, you can start loving them and consume them to fulfill your body’s protein need. It will be a delicious choice when you serve them as a salad. Roasted Brussel sprouts are also delicious, as well as when you steam them. In every cup of Brussel sprouts, you’ll get 3 grams of protein.


Now, it’s time for delicious, favorite vegetables for your protein intake; avocado. Although it is not officially considered as a vegetable, you can still get the best, most delicious foods by cooking avocado. Popular as being an ingredient for guacamole, you will also find it is delicious as salad, pudding and even sushi roll. 2.67 grams of proteins are available in every 1 avocado you eat.


Cauliflower, a popular veggie among the vegan to replace the use of rice is an option for healthy food as a vegetable high in protein. In this case, with 2.05 grams of proteins per 1 cup chopped cauliflower, you will find this vegetable as a choice to eat healthy and clean. Adding cauliflower to some foods like soups will add more taste.

Turnip greens

Turnip greens, a kind of delicious and unique foods from Southern dishes, is a choice of vegetable high in protein. In this case, 2.34 grams of proteins in 10 ounces of turnip greens will be an alternative to get enough protein intake in a day. You can consume turnip as a substitute for kale and spinach. Of course, it is high in fiber, too!


Okra will also be your alternative when choosing a delicious vegetable that is fresh and also healthy. It will give you a unique, crunchy taste when choosing the foods. In this case, okra is usually used in some foods like soups, curry, and stews. It contains 1.93 grams of proteins per 1 cup of okra. So, you will find it delicious, healthy and beneficial for your health.


A perfect choice for both adult and children, beetroot is a delicious food that will be useful for your need. In this case, if you love eating the beetroots, you can get lots of inspirations for keeping them as your meal menu. In this case, you can also consume the green leaves by sautéing them, and thus you will get the best options. You can also make them as juice for a daily refresh with 2.2 grams of proteins per in cup.


Do you like consuming mushroom along with your foods as a vegetable high in protein? Indeed, some popular foods are made of mushroom. For examples are the roasted chicken, pasta and even some traditional foods for vegan. In this case, a mushroom is a perfect option if you want to have healthy food for your cooking. With the only a small amount of 20 calories per cup, it also provides 2.97 grams of protein.


Rapini or broccoli raab will be your perfect choice as it will be a good start for getting enough protein intake for a day. In this case, it is a vegetable high in protein that is delicious, easy to find and easy to cook. Many Italian cuisines are using this vegetable for improving the taste. You can get experiments by sautéing them and mix them with pasta. 1.27 grams of protein per 1 cup of rapini is a good consideration for you.

So, you have known the best vegetables that are high in protein. Choosing the best plant high in protein is also easy if you love cooking. You can mix and get a creation of the greeneries to create your most delicious foods. Combine them with fiber, carbohydrate, and other nutrients to keep your body healthy and fresh.

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4. Cleaning the Vegetables the Right Way

cleaning vegetable

If you are opting for a perfect vegetable high in protein, then you can decide one of those mentioned veggies for your next menu. Cooking vegetable is easy, as you can just eat them after steaming or boiling them for soft and juicy texture. It gives you lots of sensations when you eat the food, making sure that you can get lots of amazing experiences when choosing a good menu for your meal. But, before you cook them, you also need to know how to clean them to get rid of any pesticide.

At least, there are some simple steps to keep your vegetables healthy and fresh without any pesticide on it. Of course, you might feel frustrated when you cook them, but you understand the pesticides are not entirely gone. In fact, you just want to feel safe when you eat a vegetable high in protein. So, to make sure that your plants are clean and healthy, you can do some of these steps:

EASY Steps for Cleaning Vegetables : 

1. You can start the cleaning process by filling a bowl with water. Make sure it is full enough to get most of the vegetables or fruit sink in it. Don’t forget to add plain white vinegar to the bowl as it will help you in cleansing the pesticide from the veggies.

2. If you have them ready, then soak the vegetables in the pot for at least 20 minutes. You should be aware of the green is damaged because vinegar will keep them fresh. So, you just have to make sure that it is entirely soaked in water.

3. After 20 minutes, you can get them from the bowl. Then, rinse them with tap water for cleaning excess vinegar on the vegetable surface. By rinsing them, you will also make sure the veggies are fresh and tasty to eat.

Those are some steps you can do if you want to clean your vegetables. This method is a natural way to wash your plants. So, it will not make your veggies to get any damage. Although nowadays there are so many cleaning soaps for the plants than before, you can still choose vinegar for cleaning the plants high in protein. Besides, this method is also easy to do and cheap, so you don’t have to get worried about the steps.

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5. Growing Your Own Vegetable High in Protein at Home

growing vegetable

The idea of building your own vegetables at home might be unique and different for you. But, many people have practiced this method, and they have satisfaction from their private organic vegetable garden at home. This method is a practical way to get your own vegetables instead of purchasing them from groceries. But, you will also face some challenges when you choose to grow your own veggies at home. However, you can practice this method and get lots of benefits as you can make sure the improving quality of your organic vegetable high in protein. Here are some tips for improving the product and its benefits:

1. Specify Place

The first step of growing your own veggies is by choosing a good site for producing them. If you own a garden in your house, it will be lots easier. You just have chosen a particular place that will be comfortable for growing them. Make sure the area gets enough water and sunshine for optimal growth.

2. Alternative Place

So, what if you don’t have enough site for growing your own veggies at home? Don’t worry, you can get the best experience in gardening by choosing some unique methods for producing your veggies. Choose some beautiful racks for hydroponic or even aeroponic planting. You can also use the leveled garden for growing your veggies to save more spaces.

3. Container

At the beginning of increasing your vegetable high in protein, you can start by choosing the small area. Making use of other protein-based stuff is excellent. For example, you can select the method of eggshells for growing the seeds. It is useful as when the veggies begin to sprout, the eggshells provide o a small but sturdy place for it to grow.

4. Nursery

When you grow organic vegetable high in protein at your house, you need to consider the best site which is not too windy. Especially for the early growth of your veggies, you need to make sure that you can choose the area which is comfortable for them to grow. Providing a safe place for your vegetables to develop is an excellent start for successful gardening.

5. Soil

Don’t forget to check the quality of your soil before you plant the seeds on it. As nowadays there are plenty of types of land, you need to know that you can choose them based on what you need. For example, you can check its pH, how fresh the ground is, and even how proper it is for your gardening purpose.

6. Seeds

For the seeds, make sure you have the seeds from the best sources. As nowadays there are so many stores with gardening products, you can choose the right product for your garden. But, the best seeds are the ones from the vegetables you have. For example, you can get the seeds from tomatoes and chili for getting the best plant. The cabbage and cauliflower can work well, too.

7. Types

Make sure you consider the types of vegetables to grow in your garden. If you opt to fill your garden with plenty of vegetable high in protein, you can choose the best parts as getting a mixed area for planting other veggies or fruits. Tomatoes, chili, and spinach are usually the typical houseplant you can try to grow.

Those are some simple tips you can try when you are about to grow your own organic vegetables at home. Providing vegetable high in protein for your family will be a good start for a healthier lifestyle. Although protein can be found in many kinds of foods, you can get the right thing by choosing a more active, fresher source by optioning veggies. Protein is indeed one of the most important things you need to grow and be healthy. So, selecting the vegetables will not only good for fulfilling your protein need but also to give your body a proper amount of fiber.

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6. What Happened When You Lack Protein

protein body composition

Lacking protein will make you in trouble. As consuming vegetable high in protein is vital for your health, you need to know what could go wrong when you don’t get enough protein intake in a particular time. In this case, consuming vegetable is not enough if you suffer the protein deficiency. But, some things might occur when you don’t get enough protein intake:

  • When you don’t get enough protein intake for your body, you tend to experience muscle wasting. Although it seems to be too absurd for you, it is real, and it happens to lots of people with protein deficiency. When you get this symptom, your body will not be able to repair and build a structure of your body. Thus, the muscle mass is decreased. In this case, consuming a vegetable high in protein is not enough. A severe treatment is necessary.

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

  • Infection is also a threat when a person experiences protein deficiency. This condition will lead to feeling weak and not strong enough for doing any activity. Especially when you get infected by germs, bacteria or virus, your body will not be able to fight back. Thus, you will tend to fall sick easier when you have a weak immune system.

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

  • Another effect of protein deficiency is a poor healing process. As we have discussed before, protein helps your body in repairing and recovering the damage in your body. So, when there might be any damage from injury on your body, it will not be easily treated. It seems difficult for everyone to have this condition as wound healing is a simple thing of our body but it is vital to our health.

In Conclusion

Lack of protein will lead to plenty of health problems. Although you might not want to experience them, understanding the effect of protein deficiency will give you an understanding of a healthier lifestyle. Getting a daily intake of vegetable high in protein will make you feel better about your health.

As it is delicious and fresh, you will also get the most fun way to consume vegetable high in protein. With plenty of delicious recipes, of course, you will never get bored with the variations of your menu!. For other inspiration and ideas you can go to [ Homepage ]

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