16 BEST Recommended Tropical Plants for Indoor

Choosing tropical plants for indoor decoration can be a really great idea. Because many types of tropical plants are easy to grow inside the house. These kinds of plants would need the same basic needs. It’s an excellent choice of houseplants. It’s easy to grow, easy to care. Tropical plants become the popular decoration for indoor because they can easily adapt to the indoor environment. Many of them come from various tropical forests. They tend to live under a large tree’s shade. So, they don’t need a lot of sunlight to survive.

Another reason why tropical plants for indoor are so popular because most of them don’t need a top of special care. It’s easy to keep them alive, it doesn’t need special attention, either.

How To Take Care of Tropical Plants

It’s quite basic actually but there are some things you may need to know. Most tropical plants need the soil to be moist evenly, but not wet. You need to water it enough when the soil looks dry. Keep the soil moist.

There’s no complicated requirement for the humidity of these plants. Since they come from the humid tropic area, the plants would like it humid. It’s better to increase the humidity level around the plants inside your house.

The things like potting, lighting, and fertilizing can be done just like an ordinary plant. Just do some basic steps and make it simple. Here are some tropical plants for indoor decoration that can attract everyone’s attention inside the house.

1. Aloe Vera

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The list begins with a unique choice of tropical plant. Aloe Vera is well known for many health benefits that it contains. You can consume it, rub the liquid to your skin, and wash your hair with it. All of them would give a healthy impact.

These tropical plants can also clean the air of indoor area. They are very easy to grow and to maintain as houseplants. You can provide a bright condition to Aloe Vere but too much direct sunlight would kill it.

Taking care of Aloe Vera is very easy. It only requires a little bit of watering because it’s like cactus plants that have a lot of water in the leaves. Those are the reasons why it’s gonna be the right tropical plants for indoor.

2. The Dragon Tree

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It’s one of the most popular tropical plants for indoor decor you can grow. The dragon tree plant grows very slowly. It will take about 10 years to reach the full height which is up to 5 feet. But that doesn’t matter at all.

This tropical plant offers a beautiful lush look attached with long thin leaves. You don’t need to give it special attention or treatment because it requires low maintenance. It can be left alone for about 2 weeks and still looking beautiful.

3. Amazon Elephant’s Ear

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The Latin name of this plant is Alocasia Amazonica. Actually, Amazon Elephant’s ear is quite common. But, it has a very distinctive look and almost regal. It has leaves which are large, green, and arrow-shaped. What makes the leaves unique is the silver ribs and its texture.

I believe it can fascinate the guests immediately when they see this plant. It’s quite lovely for indoor decoration because you can grow it easily. Compared to other Alocasia species plant, Amazon Elephant’s ear is much easier to grow and care.

The exotic look of this tropical plant also provides seasonal displays beautiful foliage. It grows originally in Southeast Asia. The only downside of this plant is that it can be poisonous. So, don’t get your children or pets nearby the plant.

4. Bromeliads

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This is the plant you can rely on when you don’t have any skill of planting plant. Because planting Bromeliads require no skill. It’s very easy to plant and grow compared to other tropical plants for indoor. This air plant or tropical epiphytes can be easily adapted to growing in containers like pots.

There are various types of bromeliads out there but only four of them that are perfect for indoor decoration. They are Aechmea, Guzmania, Neoregelia, and Vriesea. All of them have their own distinctive picture. You can choose based on the style or taste you like to be added to the room.

5. Jade Plant

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The is a great indoor plant that needs a little bit of attention to keep it healthy. The first thing you need to know that Jade Plants would require a lot of light. At the right time, you need to pour the plants with a lot of water. The oval-shaped leaves of this plant will be thick when it’s healthy.

You need to be careful in choosing the right spot to place the jade plant. Choose the spot that can give the plant a few hours of light from the sun on a daily basis.

Then, you have to know the right time to water the plant. Before watering, you have to allow the soil to be fairly dry. To maximize the growing, you can a dose of weak fertilizer sometimes per month. Well, if you are lucky enough and the plant healthy enough, there will be small white flowers.

6. Bonsai Tree

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You will be facing a little bit fussy issue with this plant. When it’s grown in full bloom. It would be well worth the effort. Its one of the fancy tropical plants for indoor you can have to be your houseplant.

The lush, green leaves add instant splashes of color into the room. You have to maintain its humidity by misting it regularly. The caring and maintaining would be troublesome for some people. But, the result would be delightful.

7. Orchid

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There are so many tropical plants available to be selected as your houseplant but all of them are not like the orchid flower. It’s a tropical flower plant that you definitely have to consider. You might think that it’s gonna be hard to grow Orchid.

The fact is, selecting the orchid variety according to your will, is the hardest thing about growing it. It’s because there are plenty of Orchid types you can find out there. You have to provide the replica of Orchid Environment to get the flowers to bloom.

Orchid need to have a good amount of light, warm temperature, and high humidity. You can find the wild orchid in the forest. But, there are also some Orchid flowers available in the store.

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8. Dumb Cane

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Dumb cane plant or Dieffenbachia is a kind of houseplant that you can find almost everywhere. You’ll be easy to forget this because you see it very often. This is the true plant of tropical foliage. It’s also well known with a name of Leopard Lily.

Even though Dumb cane is poisonous, the animal or human killing case of this plant is very rare. That’s not gonna be a problem, of course. You just have to keep an eye on your children and animal to stay away from the plant and leave it alone on the corner of the room.

9. African Violet

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Growing the tropical plants for indoor would improve the quality of air around the room. But, it’s not just about the health benefits, it’s also about the beauty of the plants. This African Violet produces colorful flowers that can stay for at least a year.

African violet plant has many varieties but you don’t have to worry because all of them are given the same care. Don’t give this plant too much direct sunlight because it can damage the leaves. When this small plant is healthy, it can reach about 12 inches in diameter.

10. Palm Trees

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This is the tree that represents everything tropical in this list. Palm trees have many varieties you can grow. But, there are a bunch of palm trees that can’t handle indoor growing. Let’s focus on the palms you can grow inside your house.

For indoor growing, you have to choose some of these palms, Kentia palms, Sentry palm, Lady palm, parlor palm, Fishtail palm, and Pygmy date palm. You can choose one of them to make your room’s decoration more fascinating.

11. Bird of Paradise

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If you like the leaves to be large in your house, you can rely on this bird of paradise plant. It’s the plant that can tolerate some direct indoor sunlight. You need to keep the plant with high humidity and moisture.

Bird of paradise is so colorful and attractive to be placed at the corner of your house. There are some varieties of this plant. It’s highly recommended if you choose the Retinae because that’s the only bird of paradise variety that’s suitable for indoor.

Just like many tropical plants, you have to be patience in growing this plant. You will need at least three years to wait for the flowers. Fertilizing it regularly is a must.

12. European Olive Tree

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Growing olive plant for indoor is quite fussy because you need to regularly move the plant outside during the summer months. Because it needs an ample direct sunlight to grow healthy. Although, European Olive tree or Olea Europea looks stunning as an indoor decoration.

It’s one of the tropical plants for indoor decor that grows quite slowly. Just like a cactus mix, this tree-like soil which can drain easily. Natively, the Olive tree came from The Mediterranean which is suitable for drier air or indoor environment. The olive tree doesn’t need to be misted.

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13. Triangle Ficus

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This plant comes from the same genus of classic Rubber Tree plant and the Fiddle leaf fig. The difference is in the unique shape of the leaves. It has a triangular leaf that is no like others. You need to place this plant in an open, airy environment, let’s say “near the window”.

What people really like about this plant beside its unique leaves is the unfussiness. This triangle Ficus is far less fussy than rubber tree or fiddle leaf fig even though it looks like it. The fresh green color of the leaves looks stunning with white wall background and white pot.

14. Yucca Plant

Tropical Plants for Indoor

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It’s a tree plant that offers great air filtration for your room. Yucca plant can grow high up to the ceiling heights. It’s perfect for living room decoration. Without this tropical plant, the living room wouldn’t be so alive.

Yucca has spiky tops that are not harmful to anyone. It gives a distinct desert flair to your living room. Do not water it too much and give the plant. It can tolerate partial sunlight to grow. So, it would be great to place it near the window.

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15. Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Some people might not be feeling happy about this plant because it’s quite difficult to keep alive indoors. This plant needs extra attention to care. Although, Fiddle leaf fig is super popular because It’s got beautiful broad leaves that give you perfect indoor decoration.

The height of this plant can reach over 10 feet. So, if you take a good care of this plant, you will be very happy with the result. The condition of your indoor environment needs to be consistent to grow the plant healthy.

16. Monstera

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If you want the appearance of the indoor plant to be minimal, you can choose this minimalist plant. It’s one of the tropical plants for indoor decor that would add summer vibe into your house. Actually, this plant naturally climbs as high as possible.

You can keep Monstera stay minimal for your minimalist interior. It’s all according to your regular treatment. You have to spray the leaves at least once a week to keep them fresh and healthy. If you don’t like the plant to be minimalist, you may need to let the Monstrea grow many leaves.

In Conclusion

There are still many more varieties of tropical plants for indoor you can add to your room as natural decoration. Tropical plants are suitable to grow indoor but you have to provide the right environment for them.

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