15 BEST Office Plants Easy Maintenance for Healthy Office

The purpose of adding office plants inside your work environment is to make a better atmosphere. To be exact, living plants will remove impurities and improve the air quality of the room. There are some kinds of plants that are perfect for an office. We are about the reveal 15 of them here. With these natural plants, your work area won’t be feeling artificial or stuffy anymore. Office plants offer such a peaceful contemplation during your busy day while adding a focal point to the environment.

Based on some research, plants can make the workplace stress lower and also enhance productivity. So, the existence of office plants whether it’s small or big is quite essential for a better working environment.

1. Snake Plant for Office

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credit picture by rainbow-beach

This kind of plant has tall leaves that look like a snake. The Latin name is Sansevieria trifasciata. The size is not large and it’s not really small either. The dark green color looks fresh for any spot in the office.

With pots or without pots, snake plants are quite flexible for any occasion. It’s perfect for formal space, though. You don’t need to give so much attention to this plant. It can still be looking fresh and healthy even when it’s neglected.

To take care of this plant, you have to remember that a snake plant can rot easily. You have to keep them in well-draining soil. Do not water it too much, just keep the consistency of the soil, the plant will be okay. One more thing, do not give it direct or bright sunlight.

2. Peace Lily

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Peace lily or spathiphyllum is very popular for office decoration. It’s one of the favorite office plants because of the low-maintenance care. The beautiful white flower will bloom to make your office well-decorated naturally.

Peace lilies are tolerant with the low light area. It can grow vigorously which makes it perfect for indoor. These plants are also known as the air cleaner of the room.

Taking care of these plants are pretty easy, you just have to keep the soil moist, and do not over-watering the plants. Some people have the issue of not flowering. You may need to move the plants to a darker room. Excessive light would reduce the chance of flowering.

3. Aglaonema Plant

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Aglaonema makes a great office plant based on its feature. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It would grow perfectly in warm, humid regions of Asia. We all know that some office areas have a low light level. The dark, deep green plants like this one is a great choice for your office.

You have to avoid a room with sustained direct lighting for this plant. Because Aglaonema plants are sensitive to burn. In some situation, direct lighting is not gonna be a problem. Moreover, the direct light should be well-filtered or the early morning sun that comes from the east-facing window.

For caring, you need to use proper technique of watering for this plant. Then, you have to provide good drainage and keep the pests away from the plants. Occasionally, you need to mist the plants and wipe the leaves now and then.

4. Rubber Tree Plant

credit picture by ink361

Rubber tree plant or Ficus Elastica is a type of floor plant that you can place on the corner of your office. That corner won’t be left empty anymore. This elastic plant is a great choice if you want to give a splash of color to a space that looks empty.

The younger version of this plant would produce larger leaves. The older plants will produce the smaller size of leaves. It’s quite an ideal office plant you can set up in some spots inside the office. The dark-green glossy leaves splash some color into your boring working area.

According to the horticultural book, this Ficus Elastica is quite easy to maintain and keep alive. To take care of this rubber tree plant, you need a medium-low light which makes it suitable for offices. Then, you need to water the plants once a week.

5. Dracaena

credit picture by plantcaretoday

This plant is a gold mine for finding attractive and low-maintenance office plants. There are many different types of Dracaena. Some of the most favorite dracaenas are Dracaena Deremensis, Dracaena Fragrans, and Dracaena Marginata.

Generally, Dracaena is a tall floor plant. Placing this in your office would feel like you have a tree inside your work environment. It grows really well in the indoor area. It helps to remove the air toxins inside the room.

Dracaena should be dried out between waterings. So, you have to check the top inch of the soil carefully before the next watering. If you see some discoloration on the leaves, you have to occasionally spray them with a mister.

6. Cast Iron Plant

credit picture by dragfepic

A cast iron plant or Aspidistra Elatior is a tough plant. It’s got a leathery foliage that can add an elegant view in the office. You can have this plant inside an office with cool temperatures. It comes in large and small sizes. You can choose based on the space you have.

If you have a little time to take care of plants, you may need to go with this cast iron plant. It’s named for the wide range of conditions survival ability that it has. Natively, this plant comes from the forest floors of Taiwan and Japan.

Taking care of this plant won’t be troublesome. It can handle sporadic watering better than most office plants. In the spring season, you have to water it regularly. But, it’s according to the condition of the office. When the cast iron plant is placed in a dark area, watering will be less frequent.

7. ZZ Plant

credit picture by interior.mk

ZZ stands for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. It’s certainly one of the most intriguing plants for office in this list. Natively, it comes from an African country, botanists. This plant is a great choice for your office if you want something indestructible.

At a glance, ZZ plant looks like an artificial plant because it can handle months of neglect and conditions of low light. It’s still gonna have many attractive, waxy leaves. Although, ZZ plant will grow very slowly. Fortunately, this plant is very resistant to most pets.

You don’t need to care so much about this plant when it’s grown. You have a chance to fertilize the plant as you would. Place the plants in windowless office because ZZ can handle fluorescent light. Remember to water it when the soil dries out.

8. Areca Palm

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This plant of the palm family, Areca palm, would definitely include in the list of air purifying plants for offices. According to the study of NASA, this palm tree is in the top list of most efficient air humidifier. This palm will be your best friend indoor during dry times.

Areca palm or Dypsis Lutescens has arching fronds which have many leaves on each of them. That’s why this feathery palm plant would make a great office decoration. During the winter season, you can literally replace the use of electric humidifiers with this plant.

Taking care of Areca palms is quite easy, but you have to provide specific lighting. If you place it in the direct sunlight spot, you have to keep an eye of the leaves for yellowing. During the spring and summer, the soil should be kept moist. During fall and winter, you can allow it to dry.

9. Weeping Fig

credit picture by lifegate

This plant is also well-known as Ficus Benjamina. This large and tall plant can filter the pollutants from furniture and carpet in your room, including the office. It’s got waxy green leaves that look like a part of the plastic jungle.

Weeping fig is a very common plant for indoor. It comes with various looks and styles. You can grow it as a tall bushy plant or a tall tree with braided trunks like you see in the picture or a short pot plant. Weeping fig is a very flexible plant for office.

This tropical plant from South Asia can tolerate some ranges of light levels. However, it would be better to grow in bright, indirect light. The soil of this plant should be well-draining. You need to water it only when the top inches of the soil is dry.

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10. Bamboo

credit picture by bakker

Bamboo palm is one of the best plants that can reduce pollutant. You can display the bamboo palm in a pot. It’s one of the great office plants if you have a pretty big empty space to fulfill. This plant would take plenty of room to grow. So, I guess you have to be ready for that.

This plant won’t go fussy with lighting. It will surely add some bright greenery to your office. For a thriving look, you have to keep the plant moist with indirect sunlight.

The low light conditions of your office will be tolerated by the Bamboo palm. But, you can get this plant taller with more light. You can grow it according to your decor needs for the office. When the bamboo plants healthy, the leaves would be in dark green.

11. Photos Plant

credit picture by bobsmarket

This houseplant is considered a great office plant that you can easily take care of. Photos plant or Epipremnum Aureum can reach lengths of up to forty feet in the jungle. As a houseplant, it can grow for up to 10 feet high.

Photos have bright and waxy leaves with a noteworthy shape of a pointed heart. It often has green that’s variegated in yellow, white, or pale green. People often call Photos as devil’s ivy. It can go as a potted plant, or you can grow it in hanging baskets.

12. Bromeliads

credit picture by brettsplants

It’s an exotic office plant to decorate your working environment. Although we recommend this plant for indoor, it’s also popular as an outdoor plant. It’s got a very dramatic bloom. In some cycle, you can also get Bromeliad plant has beautiful foliage.

The blooming is pretty rare for this plant because it blooms only once in its lifetime. It’s a great choice for office and also home decor or garden. There’s a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes for this Bromeliad plants or Bromeliaceae.

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13. Fiddle Leaf Fig

credit picture by flipboard

Fiddle Leaf Figs are lovely office plants. It’s like the coolest kid in the office. This tall plant comes from the fig plant family for those tight corners you have in your office. The dark green color offers a perfect contrast with a neutral background, light, and furnishings.

Fiddle Leaf fig plant or Ficus Lyrata is a plant that can easily adapt to some conditions. You can grow it up to 6 or 7 feet high. If you want to save your budget, you need to begin with smaller figs. Because, the large, mature plants will cost expensively.

14. Philodendron

credit picture by mooreparkplantscapes

It’s got a quite unique name for a plant. The name actually comes from Greek words which mean love and tree. This plant comes with various species which leaf shapes, colors, and sizes. You won’t realize that they come from the same family.

Although, one thing that you need to know, most of the species can handle low to medium light in the office. If the leaves are large, it means that the plants will need more light. So, keep the soil well-draining.

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15. Umbrella Tree

credit picture by universalfloral

This plant is well known as Dwarf Umbrella Tree or Schefflera Arboricola. It’s one of the most recommended office plants you can have. This tree is very adaptable and attractive for indoor decoration.

You can grow it up to 10 feet high very easily. It needs to be placed in a spot with good light, space to grow, and fertilizer. Watering it like any large houseplant. The common room temperature will comfort the tree.

In Conclusion

Those 15 types of office plants are ready to give health benefits and decorative looks to your office. By choosing the plants for your office, you will spread the good energy and atmosphere to your working environment.

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