19 BEST Beautiful Small Garden Ideas to Apply in Your Home!

Size doesn’t always matter in terms of having a beautiful home garden. When you put all your heart into making one, even limited backyard space would make wonder. In here, you will find 19 Best beutiful of small garden ideas. They will showcase a good arrangement of garden elements that balance each other so well.

But prior to the pictures, here is what you could try to have the best out of your small garden ideas.

  • Install a set of freestanding pergola and arrange a teak seating below it. By doing so, you will have an outdoor room which creates some sense of privacy in an open space. It affects the size to seem a lot spacious.

  • Add a pond. No need to have a big one, a small pond would do.

  • Add a mowing trip to keep the turf grass from encroaching, keep weeds at bay, be a low-maintenance garden path, and provide an easy access to and from the garden.

  • Apply some curves into the garden path. It is better than a straight one as it gives the visitors a feel of walking through a spacious landscape.

  • Use a lot of pots. It is to help you getting rid of the need for extra soil and planting medium.

Of course, it’s not a must to have the things mentioned above all at once in your small garden. Since they’re only tips, feel free to use some and leave the others however you see fit. Now, let’s take a look at these picture below that portray small garden landscapes ideas. You could also refer to them for some inspirations. Check the list out!

1. Japanese Small Garden ideas

1 small garden ideas

credit picture by buildbetterschools

Here comes the first small garden ideas. This garden takes after Japanese design to be its main concept. It is seen from the circular lawn, the mahogany garden decking, the plant types, and also the use of pergola design which has the shape of sharp samurai.

You’ll also get to see of how to use a pergola over the small patio affect the full-scale landscape, just like stated as tip number one. It creates an outdoor room and another level of small garden. Other elements such as the garden edging and pathway are also taken care thoroughly, so that they fit the concept fabulously.

2. Symmetrical Urban Garden

2 small garden ideas

credit picture by besideroom

To blur the small size, create some symmetry in your garden. Your best bet is to have the lawn divided into two identical widths and fills both parts with similar garden necessities, like plants, edging, ponds, and fences. Arrange them in such a way so that one side of the lawns mirrors the other all the time.

That way could camouflage your garden space and make it seems bigger. Add also wood materials to have warm look. The garden in the picture has wood to be the building base of dining set in patio area and fence also. Complete the whole atmosphere with some touch of romance with climbing plants and green walls.

3. Corner Garden Idea

3 small garden ideas

credit picture by buzzfarm

Different garden gets different treatment according to where it is placed. In terms of front yard garden, rather than to have it arranged in the middle of something, place your small garden in the corner of the space with a combination of flower beds and black and white rocks.

Imagine a fresh bunch of greeneries will be the first thing that welcomes you, home. It will be a stress reliever or some sort.

4. Small Garden Idea without Lawn

4 small garden ideas

credit picture by decoremodel

Actually, one of the tips to get the best out of your small garden ideas is to have it without lawn. But not everyone likes the idea, so we decided to leave that out. However, you get to see the reason why having no lawn should be considered in a small garden space. It simplifies the whole view and set the new standard of a beautiful garden.

Without the green mat, both the real and artificial one, you save yourself from a lot of matters, especially, in maintenance thing.

5. Small City Backyard Idea

5 small garden ideas

credit picture by socialnewsdashboard

This is another example of no-lawn garden and a perfect landscape for houses in small cities. Consider installing loungers so that you could have a spot to enjoy the beauty you make in the garden. Throw some cushions with fabric designs that blend in with the surroundings.

While we’re on the topic of enjoying garden time, you might as well want to spoil your sense of smell instead of your sight only. So, make sure to plant herb garden or small flowers which are famous for their scent.

6. Rock Garden

6 small garden ideas

credit picture by socialnewsdashboard

Sloped backyard is common to have for houses in mountain area. For sloped yard landscape like this one, the best garden to have is the vegetable type with modern design. The idea is to combine rocks, grass, and trees together. Go with tall trees and have them stood in line like you see in the picture. It portrays the scenery of mountain surrounding.

7. Small Courtyard Garden Design

7 small garden ideas

credit picture by gardenfountainsstore

A curvy lawn is great to camouflage the real size of your small garden. Along with it, arrange also a curvy garden path through a bench with cover in the corner. Have the curvy path tiled with the same tiles the garden uses for its edging. You could see continuity by doing so, and it looks gorgeous.

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8. Small Garden Ideas with Decking

8 small garden ideas

credit picture by elcorazon

Having a stage-like decking like this one is such a fantastic idea. It is empty for the time being, but you could surely place a seating set, choose teak for outdoor furniture durability, and other suitable elements that comes in mind. As for the plants, some tropical ones like palm and banana trees like showed in the photograph are pretty awesome.

You could see also several succulents, leafy shrubs, and bonsai plants. The succulents are nice to give your garden additional pop of color and relaxed feel. This garden uses stone or pebbles edging to frame the decking and the lawn, which is so cool.

9. Garden Design Idea in Square House

9 small garden ideas

credit picture by fairygardenhavens

For your square open area, this picture here sets an example of nifty garden arrangement. A lawn in the center is surrounded by bushy plants and a tree. To access this area, marble is applied to finish the garden path. By using marble, you could care less about the heat during summer as marble is known for its cool surface.

The set is completed by the wooden fence line at the far back and stone wall at one of the sides. You must admit that it’s a great combination for garden borders.

10. Small Garden Border Idea

10 small garden ideas

credit picture by fairygardenhavens

Another garden border idea is exemplified here in the image. You could see creativity of some sort is poured wholeheartedly. This garden uses two layers of borders. Consecutively from the innermost, there are row of vegetable plants right above the ground and vine crops over a trellis that grow vertically. It is so creative!

11. Modern House Garden Design

credit picture by alfawhite

Modern concept makes everything possible for you, including having water garden at an apartment balcony. The design is presented here in the picture. We could say that this is a dream garden because it has everything!

From the cobblestone pathways, water area along with a bridge, small trees, loungers, a natural seating set, and even a swing. And this is how you should define a home garden: relaxing retreat.

By having a complete set of dream garden that set a parameter of an ideal outdoor atmosphere, you could allow yourself escape from the hectic routine while staying at home. It is your green refuge.

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12. Minimalist Small Garden ideas

credit picture by sublettetimes

‘Less is more’ is three words that best describe a minimalist concept for this garden. Look at the photograph and you will see why it is so. Supported by a neat and clean line, the minimalist design does a great job here. It combines the green area and the tiled flooring. It also blends wood and ceramic perfectly.

The main idea of this minimalist concept is to keep everything as simple as possible, and that include building all the furniture stuck to the home construction. The furniture mentioned covers a bench and ground slots to insert plants. This method helps you in saving space.

13. Open Green Space in a Dream House

credit picture by de-architect

Never call a house the dream one if it doesn’t have an open green space. Don’t bother to think about having a big garden, because a small one is more than enough if you know how to arrange it well. This open space applies symmetrical form in terms of the shape of wall pots and the plants arrangement.

It also has a nice set of seating which allows you to entertain your guest extraordinarily outside. Though simple, it is adequate to support your dream house.

14. Curved Lawn in a Square Garden Design

credit picture by businessesview

One of the tips to have the best out of your small garden says to apply some curves into the garden path. And this garden sets a nice example of it. The goal is to distract the eye from the fact that the garden is small. Besides, it apparently appears to be more creative. Apply this small garden ideas in your garden to excite the visitors!

15. Narrow and Long Garden

credit picture by renovasi-rumah

It is okay to have a narrow and long garden space. You could do something about it, though. You should take an advantage of the long shape by creating a focal point at the far end of the garden. This way tricks your sight to believe that the space is bigger than it is. A fence does a good job in this garden’s case.

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16. Beautiful British Back Garden

credit picture by hydraz

This British back garden applies modernism as its concept. You could see it from the use of high quality artificial turf and the application of square shapes here and there. Speaking of synthetic turf, here are the advantages of it.

  • It helps you to have low maintenance budget as well as effort. You don’t need to gas up your lawn mower, spread bags of fertilizer, and weed the lawn.

  • Artificial turf also makes your garden to look green throughout the year during any season.

  • It is so trendy. Synthetic turf creates fascinating textures and features.

  • It helps you in conserving water.

  • Artificial turf is also versatile. You could install it not only in your residential, but commercial properties also, such as apartment complexes and rental units.

17. Rectangular Small Garden Ideas Design

credit picture by topdacha

An example of square garden is mentioned previously and so as of long one. This is a rectangular small garden ideas design to add for your list. To disguise the possible boring shape, you could incorporate circles and curves alltogether. Have the curve applied into your garden pathway and the circle to be the lawn shape.

18. Small Stylish Garden

credit picture by protouchlawn

It is only natural to have an outdoor living room if you have this stylish backyard garden which has white azaleas and Spanish bluebell. But be sure to use only weatherproof furniture at it, especially if the space is uncovered. The best bet for you is to place rattan sofas with waterproof cushions.

19. Low Maintenance Garden

credit picture by fansbola

To have a low-maintenance garden is a dream to everyone. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the open green space with minimum effort to make one? Nobody could reject the idea! So, according to the picture you have here, the following is the tips to have an ideal low-maintenance garden.

  • Pick the right stone. This garden uses the best regarding the matter: mountain bluestone sandstone.

  • Build strong foundation.

  • Plant lavenders. They’re famous for their relaxing scent and nice colors. Lavenders themselves require low maintenance as you only need to water them up to twice a week. They also benefit you in repelling bugs.

  • Besides lavenders, plant also black-eyed Susans. They bloom throughout the year regardless the season.

  • Install artificial grass. The benefits of it have previously stated.

You see now that size actually doesn’t matter a lot. You could do anything you want with it as freely as other people do with their huge garden. The small garden ideas presented in here has shown that any design and concept could be applied as you desire. The key lies in the arrangement as well as maintenance, and never the size. 

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