29 Stunning Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Home

What do you usually use your backyard for? A place to grow beautiful flowers and edible plants? A place to spend your time with family while enjoying the cool breeze? Whatever it is, you surely need to install backyard lighting, right? Here are 29 stunning and epic backyard lighting ideas that add charm to your backyard.

1. Modern yet Elegant Backyard Lighting 

backyard lighting

credit picture by mtvla.co

This backyard lighting idea will conjure up the moment you had with your big family when celebrating your moment. The string lights wrapping around the American Arborvitaes look like provide soothing dim light.

To accentuate the romantic feels, adding some candles placed in glass jars or lanterns is your next way to go.

2. Distinctive Way to Highlight Pathway

credit picture by kanstaruswholesale

Pathways are like the red carpets that you roll out to welcome a prominent person. Besides escorting your guests to a certain spot like your door step or a gazebo, your pathway also prevents you and your guests from stepping on the grass or flowers.

Since your pathway plays an important role in your backyard, it needs decorating and illuminating. Therefore, investing in some decorative lamps placed along the pathway would be nice. Not only will those lamps decorate the pathway but also illuminate it. it is like killing two birds with one stone.

3. Let the Butterflies Guide You

credit picture by visiondemujerperonista

Look at these beautiful butterflies! They line up along the pathway as if they were trying to guide your steps. Besides these pretty butterflies, the patterned light that illuminate the pathway really beef your backyard up.

To get this look, you only need to use your creativity and a little elbow grease. You can begin with making patterned lampshades and put light bulbs in them. Place some pots along the pathway and stencil them using glow-in-the dark paints to invite these butterflies to come over.

4. A Romantic Dinner

credit picture by karintil.me

You do not have to reserve a table in a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner if you can have one right in your backyard. Besides scrumptious foods and beverages, a romantic dinner entails nice decoration and a dim light that provides soothing effect. Therefore, this backyard lighting idea can be your greatest bet.

Try to get mason jars and put an LED candle in each jar. Cover the jars with white clothes before replace the lids and hang them using jute. Now you are ready to carve one of the best moments ever.

5. Timeless Charm in Your Backyard

credit picture by trend4homy

It seems that mason jars are eminently versatile when it comes to jazz both exterior and interior up, just like these jars. They lend the touch of rustic look in your backyard perfectly despite being simple. Just place a candle in each jar and tie the jar’s neck with jute, then hang them along your rustic fence, and you are good to go.

6. Let the Lighting Dangle

credit picture by fashionbeautywallpapers

The dangling roots of a Banyan tree can be spooky sometimes. But not with this huge tree. It has turned the spooky look into a spectacular one that can blow people’s mind.

Instead of dangling roots that can give you the heebie-jeebies, this tree features dangling string lamps that shed some light along the road, making people smile happily rather than frightened.

7. Cheer the Trees Up

credit picture by goldinusluge

Growing some trees in your backyard can be a great idea as they can lessen the heat and glare of the sun. however, when the night comes, they might lose their charm.

A homeowner came up with this brilliant backyard lighting to cheer the trees up. He uses colored string lights that make the garden look colorful during the night.

8. Luminary Bags

credit picture by bouniqueaz

Have you ever thought to illuminate your backyard using luminary bags? These bags are made of frame-resistant paper so it is safe. You can even put a candle in it to produce calming dim light that provides a romantic ambience.

The best thing of these bags is they come with a wide array of different colors and patterns to suit your style well.

9. Let’s Pour the Light

credit picture by bwncy

Flying chopsticks with ramen is getting popular now. You can find the photos of it on Instagram. It looks as if a ghost were trying to feed you. But it looks awesome rather than frightening.

The same idea is applied in this backyard lighting. A kettle is pouring the water. However, there is no one holding it. The secret is in the stick behind the kettle.

The kettle is attached on the stick. Then, some string lights are installed and connected to the kettle as if they came out from the kettle.

10. Use the Unused Stuff

credit picture by Pinterst

The best way to get a cheap lighting for your backyard is by using the unused things around your house. It can be anything – bottles, jars, boards, you name it!

This lamp is unique. It is made from a hat stand and some unused bottles that have been painted with glass paints. The vivacious colors of the bottles make them look like flowers.

11. Beautiful Floating Bubbles

credit picture by deysemelo

Bring the romantic ambience with these shining bubbles. They are not the real bubbles. They are just an abundance of clear jars filled with candles and hang on hooks. The hooks are subtle and blend with the night very well, making the jars look like floating bubbles.

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12. Fireflies in the Jars

credit picture by kinggeorgehomes

Have you ever seen dancing fireflies? Well, they are not actually dancing. They are just floating in the air, creating beautiful subtle light among the dark. Try to catch some and put them in mason jars so you can enjoy their lights.

Instead of catching the real fireflies which may hurt them, try another idea like putting a string light in some mason jars and hang them. The clear jars will highlight the light perfectly.

13. A Good-Night Treat

credit picture by fullblowncoatings

Having spectacular backyard lighting does not have to be pricey. All you need to do is just shopping around your house to see what you have. You can even make the most by upcycling some unused tins to create a perfect good-night treat for your kids in a very affordable price.

14. Chinese Lanterns Hanging from the Tree

credit picture by topsimages

Chinese lanterns can be a top-notch choice when it comes to traditional and oriental lighting for your backyard. Even better, these Chinese lanterns make you feel as if you were in the outer space.

They look like gorgeous full moons among the twinkling stars which are actually light bulbs hanging on the trees.

15. Colored Glass Chandeliers

credit picture by pinsdaddy

This is why you should not throw glass bottles in the dustbin as soon as you drinking it up. Unused bottles can create some magic especially when it comes to decorate your backyard without burning a hole in your pocket.

All you need to do is just cutting off the bottom part, put a chandelier along with a candle in it, then hang them using chains.

16. Tropical Backyard

credit picture by allgoods

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! It is not the real Hawaii, though. It is merely your backyard with the tropical ambience just like in Hawaii, thanks to the string lights bent to form spirals that look like pineapples.

Just hang these pineapples in the spots that you want to accentuate like along the pathway, next to the pergola, or near the decorative fountain.

17. Light Up the Pergola

credit picture by growlersofgaithersburg

Deciding to build a patio in the backyard is one of the best decisions you have made. It is such a great place to spend your leisure time with your family outdoor.

You also need to consider installing a pergola as the cover. To kick it up a notch, you might want to these simple lights in jars suspended by black electric wires.

18. Bewitching Snow Globes

credit picture by thesolarcentre

This backyard lighting idea shows you that simplicity can lead to magical things. This round crystal ball provides a no-fussy installation.

With the power and practicality of a battery-powered light, you can even hang it wherever you want. It can even be suspended from a twig due to its lightweight feature.

19. Dazzling Fountain

credit picture by Pinterst

This fountain will grab any attention in no time. Its magical and bewitching look can mesmerize your guests or even you, making you want to linger over the conversation happening in your backyard while enjoying the beautiful night.

20. The Tower of Love

credit picture by luvyoga.co

If your house uses French country modern décor, you are going to love this backyard lighting idea – romantic small towers. The towers are made of wires that are meticulously designed to lend both classic and romantic ambiences at once.

Wired small light bulbs embellish the towers well, perfecting their look as well as shedding some light to the pool.

21. Move Your Body

credit picture by krepim.club

Let’s dance and feel the groove! These round powered-battery lights allow you to throw a party right in your backyard. Although it might not be a crazy party, you can still feel the energy and excitement. Well, to put it in a nutshell, these lights rock!

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22. DIY Chandeliers

credit picture by baomoi

Again, you are dealing with unused bottles. So, keep in your mind that it is not a bad idea to store unused bottles in case you need them someday, just like these DIY chandeliers.

The versatility of glass bottles enables you to make thes kinds of classic chandeliers that can boost the classic ambience in your backyard. They fit in any classic décor like French country or Victorian style.

23. Burn the Torches

credit picture by stillnomore

Getting whimsical backyard lighting does not have to be pricey. By doing a DIY project, you can get what you want on the cheap. It may take time and require your DIY skills, but the dramatic look makes it worth-trying.

Besides unused bottles, you also need to get some other materials like a few cheap fittings, stove rope, and lamp oil to light this torch up.

24. Steampunk Style in the Backyard

credit picture by decoratorist

If you are a big fan of the industrial look of steampunk styles, you have to include this lighting idea in your backyard makeover. The copper finish represents the style very well. Besides, these lights are DIY-friendly. You can make them yourself at home or have them made if you have no time to do this.

25. Classic Lanterns for an Unforgettable Moment

credit picture by 1000am

Having a romantic dinner in the backyard while enjoying the beautiful night, will be an unforgettable moment. The ultimate goal of this romantic dinner is blending with the nature.

Therefore, using lanterns rather than LED lights to illuminate your backyard will be the best choice as the subtle light of the lanterns will not overlap the natural light provided by the moon.

26. Light Bulbs will Never be Dated

credit picture by visiondemujerperonista

Light bulbs are somewhat dull. But they are your safe bet if you want to bring the relaxed ambience to your backyard when you are holding a family gathering. Catching up with your family and colleagues while enjoying the delectable foods and drinks under the subtle light of light bulbs would be terrific.

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27. Glowing Tulips in a Planter

credit picture by africansummit

Growing tulips in a planter can prettify your backyard well. But what if you take this idea to the next level? You can grow glowing tulips in a planter to brighten up your deck or backyard by investing in these LED bamboo torches.

28. Woven Wooden Lanterns

credit picture by mulounge.club

Add the touch of traditional style in your backyard with these woven wooden lanterns. They are usually used as storage baskets or cages. Who would have thought they can make pretty good backyard lighting?

29. Glowing Flowers

credit picture by yardenvy

Turning flowers into a beautiful lampshade? Why not? These flowers blend perfectly with the tiny lights, creating positive vibes for those who need to sit back and relax after going through the busy day at work.

Now you know how to shed some lights in an epic way for your backyard. Even some of these backyard lighting ideas can be included in your next DIY project so you can get the most out of limited budget.

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