24 BEST! Garden Screening for Your Ultimate Privacy

At the end of the day or at the weekend, you might want to sit back and relax in your front yard. While looking to the bright sky, you can enjoy the solitude provided by your garden. However, the increase in the population leads to the augmentation of houses demand. The housings nowadays become more open and close to each other. That’s why a garden screening is needed. The garden screening will separate you from the intrusive neighbors or even strangers. It brings you an ultimate serenity and privacy that you need after a super long work day.

Lacking ideas to make the garden screening? We have all the perfect answers for you here. Easy to find and to install, here are the best garden screening ideas that are effective to keep your privacy:

1. Natural Garden Screening Ideas

1.1. Natural Trees Garden Screening Idea

garden screening 1

credit picture by hoekstraglobalstrategies

Having this natural trees garden screening idea is like killing two birds with one stone. You can give yourself that priceless privacy and you can save the nature. By planting the trees then you have helped this Earth to be a more suitable living place.

You can get these trees and choose the similar height among them. Then, plant them in a line to cover your front yard as you can see on the picture above. The natural and eco-friendly garden can give you the effortlessly fresh ambiance.

The property that is surrounded by the mature plants usually has the higher price, as people nowadays always look for the healthy living way in this modern world. With the natural trees around, the people can breathe well and it can also reduce the stress.

1.2. Dark Bamboo Stalks Natural Garden Screening Ideas

garden screening 2

credit picture by decorapatio

It is very good to combine with many plants on your front yard. Having a good coffee with best friends, or just sitting and enjoying the life will be much better with a front yard surrounded by bamboo stalks.

The bamboo garden screening is affordable. If you are tight on budget, put this idea in the very top of your list. Prepare some bamboo stalks, modify their height, stain them, let the bamboo stalks dry, and then put them together with the rubber strips. Quite easy, right?

1.3. Slatted Woods Garden Screening with Vines

Alternative 1

garden screening 3

credit picture by karmatrendz

Nothing can beat the exclusivity brought by the slatted wood garden screening. Made with the consecutive motif, a slatted wood garden screening give a tidy looks to your front yard.

Alternative 2

garden screening 4

credit picture by cykablyat

In order to make it more lavish, stain them and let them dry, just like what you can do to the bamboo natural garden screening ideas. After installing the slatted wood garden screening, you can also plant the vines to cover some parts of your garden screening.

Alternative 3

garden screening 5

credit picture by kortokrax

1.4. The Weaved Twigs

garden screening 6

credit picture by design-market

The twigs will never fail to present the natural look. Moreover, if it is weaved tidily like in the example above. See, it gives you a traditional yet vintage ambiance and it deserves to be put on your front yard.

1.5. Privacy Plants Fence Woods for Garden Screening

garden screening 7

credit picture by foroanime

Besides real trees, many inhabitants love to use this natural idea: modified privacy plants fence in a square shape. This kind of natural fence is quite effective to be a border between you and the outside world but it can avoid also the distant look in your garden.

It can stand alone and still be a gorgeous garden screening but as you can see in the picture above, it can be combined also with the slatted woods in the bright color. First, you need to install the fence from the slatted woods. Second, you can cover it with the green leaves.

1.6. Horizontally Slatted and Stained Woods

garden screening 8

credit picture by mypromoisrich

Why do many people love to use the slatted woods as their fence? That is because the wood can make a house more lavish, and it can be installed in any house’s themes. You also don’t have to decorate it a lot in order to make a magnificent garden screening.

The wood material is also easy to find and easy to modify everywhere. Quite affordable but you can get the elegant and rustic look by picking the wood material.

If you feel so bored of having the vertically slatted wood garden screening idea, you can choose the horizontally slatted one. Combine it with the square, long flower pots made also from wood. Plants all the flowers you want, or maybe some trees, and put some rocks around.

1.7. The Wood Fence in Diamond Pattern

garden screening 9

credit picture by spikemilliganlegacy

As there have been many garden screening with various motives, the diamond pattern is still a classic choice for most of the people. Some people might say that the diamond motif is too old but, it can adapt well to any front yard theme.

1.8. Natural Bamboo with Wood Fence

garden screening 10

credit picture by helena-source

By the simple touch of the natural bamboo stalks, your front yard will turn into an oriental, effortlessly exotic place. It is a heavenly world that many people dream of to get the maximum serenity.

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2. Metal Garden Screens Ideas

2.1. The Stone and The Pinwheel Metal Garden Screening

credit picture by elcorazon

Instead of the classic look or a natural one, many people choose the garden screening industrial style. The industrial style can enhance the minimalist look from your front yard and you don’t have to add more decoration to make it look marvelous.

The industrial style garden screening can be the best style for the modern house. Therefore this style is popular among the millennial people who recently have their own house in the urban area. In this picture, the pinwheel laser cut can give us the example of how the industrial style can enhance the modernity.

2.2. Bamboo Metal Garden Screening

credit picture by italianlightdesign

Here is another bamboo-themed garden screening, with different material: bamboo metal garden screening. Using the black color metal, it looks so bold and gives a strong nuance to your yard.

If you are a simple person that prefer the modern look, this metal garden screening is an answer for you. However, know the strengths and the weaknesses of this metal garden screening before hand.

2.3. The Money Tree Metal Garden Screens Ideas 1

credit picture by lump

Why does the money tree be so popular and likable? Not only has a unique look, it is believed that the money tree can bring luck and prosperity to those who own it.

In case you want to bring a double luck to your home, or at least you want your home to be luckier in style, you might want to try money tree metal garden screens ideas like this one.

2.4. Tree Metal Garden Screens Ideas Alternative 2

credit picture by houzz

This metal screening is actually made from steel and will be not only the good screening to cover your front yard and patio but also the stronger one. It is quite unbreakable and long-lasting. Either you want a very private nuance or don’t want to have too much renovation, this metal garden screens idea is your number one answer.

2.5. Sun and Star Laser Cut Metal Garden Screens

credit picture by zhuoyuelaserfab

Other popular metal screening ideas besides those with tree designs are the laser cut metal screening with astronomic patterns like this shown in the picture. The sun and the star are two futuristic, elegant patterns that give the exciting touch around your house.

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2.6. Tree Laser Cut Metal Garden Screens

credit picture 15.tuniaf

Like the other metal screening ideas made from corten steel or aluminum, this metal screening is light in weight, easy to install, and durable. Going in style is not only about having expensive garden screening around you but to choose the right one with the eye-catchy model.

2.7. Big Leaves Metal Garden Screening

Alternative 1

credit picture by languageblag

In order to make a strong, compact looks to your front yard, the metal garden screening is still the best choice for you. The metal garden screening is tough enough to protect all of your family from the outside and to give you maximum privacy.

Alternative 2

credit picture by mdbrick

However, to keep your house looks friendly, you can choose the laser cut metal garden screening with the big leaves pattern. You still can see the scenery through its gaps and your front yard won’t look too shut. The patterns also help your front yard to look less boring and more natural.

It is also best combined with the marble garden screening for the lavish looks. By using this metal garden screening in big leaves pattern, you do not need to apply any decoration to make your house more alive.

2.8. High and Black Metal Garden Screening

credit picture by legalarticledirectory

Metal is vigorous, and the black color enhance that character. You can see that on this high and black colored metal screening idea.

Whatever your front yard theme is, this high and black garden screening will suit your front yard due to its netral ambiance. So, if you are interested to this garden screening type, let’s understand it better.


  • It is strong and durable.

  • It can protect your house and give you ultimate privacy.


  • It is too high that you can not easily see you surroundings.

  • The design is quite rigid.

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3. Willow Garden Screening Ideas

3.1. Surrounded by Weaving Willow

credit picture by celebrationscakedecorating

The willow, although it is an affordable material, never fail to give you such a luxury. Especially, if it is weaved with the good concept and technique, just like what you see in the picture above. If you have already fallen in love with this garden screening, know what you will get when you buy it:


  • The concept is unique.

  • It will make your front yard looks lavish and spacious.


  • It can only be functioned as the decoration, not the protector.

  • Less privacy.

3.2. Willow Garden Screening Roll

Alternative 1

credit picture by waltons

In case you want a traditional as well as natural touch to surround your house but at the same time you don’t want to have a huge renovation, then the willow garden screening roll is something that will amuse you. It is height enough to give you the privacy, strong but easy to install, and also to unroll.

Alternative 2

credit picture by haweliavalenovapark

Compared to the other garden screening ideas, this affordable willow garden screening roll is also eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. In case you consider yourself as a nature lover and protector having the gardening screening roll made from entirely willow material is a must.

3.3. Willow and Repurposed Wood Fence

credit picture by exhort

Going back to the traditional style is wonderful. In case you are too bored with the contemporary design, you can get the traditional look with this fence idea. But it will be best before you decide to install it, you need to know the idea better.


  • The fence is affordable.

  • It is easy to install.

  • It is eco-friendly.


  • The materials used are not too strong.

  • It is too short to protect you.

3.4. A Beach Patio with Willow Screening

credit picture by haweliavalenovapark

What if you can bring the ambiance of having the holiday at the beach, right to your own front yard? That sounds impossible and too good to be true but you can really do it with the help of this willow screening patio.

The patio is a small outdoor space for family dining or for gathering and is usually paved. And not only the social space, by using the willow screening, you can turn the patio into a private, small beach cottage. Definitely, the best space in your house to enjoy the summer every day.

All the ideas mentioned above can give you enough privacy in the middle of the urban area. Even though you own a house at the suburban area where all the houses are too close to each other, as long as you pick the right garden screening idea, it won’t be a problem for you.

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