20 Awesome Inspiring Ideas of Balcony Garden!

Regardless of where you live, whether in the housing or apartment complexes, you could create some garden spot even if the space is limited. Take the balcony for example. Balcony garden is so hot these days. Well, then, you’re about to find more than 20 pictures of balcony garden ideas here. If you’re in the middle of looking for some references related to the matter, then you’re destined to check the complete list written in this article. But first thing first, there are some things you should understand before starting balcony gardening. What are they?

  • Balcony garden should be easy to maintain. Be sure to plant only low-maintenance plants.

  • Set a budget. Though it is believed that balcony garden won’t cost you a lot, you still need to make a budget plan.

  • Consider automatic watering in case you need to go out of town.

  • Check out the daylight hours your balcony gets and the brightness. The type of plants you’ll have depend on these two factors.

  • Grow balcony garden vegetables and flowers. Flowers for aesthetical point, while vegetables for practical living. These two plant types do the most benefits for you.

Congratulations in understanding the first step in having a balcony garden. Now, from here onwards, you’ll be guided to 20 balcony garden designs and ideas. Curious much? Go scroll down, then!

1. Urban Balcony Garden

1 balcony garden

credit picture by dekoruma

The first garden we have here is called urban balcony one. It doesn’t depend on floor space existence and go for wall fences. This garden combines pot plants and vine crops that thrive freely around the area. You could watch them grow day by day while sitting above the dining set enjoying the meal.

Don’t forget to choose weatherproof furniture since we’re talking about balcony here; where rain, light, and wind are easily expose the area.

2. Balcony Garden for Apartment Patio

2 balcony garden

credit picture by aofwe

We must say that this space is nicely ambiguous. It feels like open while it doesn’t, which lets you to be both indoor and outdoor. And that’s what balcony garden should aim, precisely: to provide a private open space. Sounds interesting? Take a look at the picture. It’s all thanks to the existence of glass balcony.

Since it is see-through, the glass allows you to observe the outside world while you’re inside. And that’s completed with the plants arrangement with pot plants and plant climbers. It is so perfect to be an example of apartment balcony garden ideas.

3. Beautiful Bright Balcony Garden

3 balcony garden

credit picture by 50densonrahayat

This one balcony garden is as good as living room replacement at this rate. How couldn’t it with a nice seating arrangement and lighting hanging lanterns? But, it is more like an outdoor living room with a lot of colorful flower plants surrounding. Really, the colorful flowers should be on the topmost list of beautiful balcony garden ideas.

Besides the flower plants, there are climbers as well at the corner. Some extra benches let you to welcome more people on the balcony. There is also a pair of additional folding chairs if you have a lot more company. And since it’s a balcony garden, you will need a rack to keep the gardening utilities within your reach to ease the job.

4. Balcony Herb Plants

4 balcony garden

credit picture by billingsblessingbags

Herb plants so far are the healthiest choice to have on your balcony garden. You could practice herbal life also by growing them. For some bonus points, have some climbers, such as vines, grown as well for you to own an immediate forest getaway. Besides, vines could cover your unsightly wall if there’s any.

Consider also placing a seating made from natural material like rattan. You see the example in the picture. It is to emphasize the nature concept throughout every element in the garden.

5. Fresh Balcony Garden

5 balcony garden

credit picture by mytechref

To have this idea, you need to apply some kind of mat as well to cover the floor. The choices are either to have synthetic turf or furred green carpet. There’s TV also in front of the vertical garden wall. Well, it’s not obliged to have TV on your balcony remembering that the area is practically an outdoor space.

6. Winter Garden on Balcony

6 balcony garden

credit picture by gardendecor

So apparently it’s not impossible to have winter balcony garden. You need to take notice to these three things: shadowing, warming, and lighting.

  • Shadowing. It’s important to understand where your balcony faces to. Different direction leads to different type of plant you should grow.

  • Warming. Plants suitable for winter garden need high temperature to grow, so warming takes a big role here.

  • Lighting. This last factor is different from warming though they’re related. Lighting is all about natural light during the day. The amount needed by the plants is what matters. The warmer the temperature required, the more light plants should get.

7. Stylish Balcony Garden with Gravels

7 balcony garden

credit picture by en.ppt-online

Gravels are common to use in ground garden. Whether to be the garden edging, border, or pathway, gravels are so popular. The use of them in balcony garden is rarely seen, because people tend to choose bare floor. However, this picture you have here says that gravels are some good pick, too.

It covers the entire floor surface and didn’t leave any single spot uncovered. Besides gravels, the things you need to prepare to own similar garden are large pots, trees, seating, and lawn.

8. Dream Balcony Deck

8 balcony garden

credit picture by blackrockartsfoundation

If you have a balcony deck like this, garden would be an ideal choice to turn it into. So, after deciding which furniture you desire to be on the deck, fill the rest of the space with plants. This balcony deck exemplifies extreme yet gorgeous plant selections. You could see the daring combinations of wild plants and nurtured ones here.

The blooming ones with feminine colors beautifully contrast the lush greeneries. Besides the plants, you should provide garden containers and drip-irrigation system, too. That way, you won’t ever worry about the watering.

9. Narrow Balcony Garden Ideas for Townhouse

9 balcony garden

credit picture by masrimok

Even in narrow balcony space, you could have a nice looking garden, too, you see. This picture sets an example for you. You need to simplify everything because the space is limited. But, let’s not feel limited by such condition in creating beauty.

Cut down the plants you should have in the garden to be only three types at maximum. Use railing pots and make raised beds in the matter. Spread artificial turf to cover the floor. Above the turf, place a bench with cushion and a pair of extra seating. And the balcony garden is set.

10. Unique Balcony Garden

10 balcony garden

credit picture by luxurydreamhomes

So apparently, you could have a water garden on the balcony, a unique one on top of that. What is so unique about this water garden? Oh, nothing in particular, except that it involves bamboo, stone, and some incredible water system. Cheers for that. Various potted plant types around the small pond add beautiful point.

The family lounge above the little deck is also interesting. It uses a rare looking coffee table as well as chairs. Not to mention the construction of the deck itself. It is clever, why, since it could perform as the pond border and thus prevent the floor from getting wet.

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11. Modern yet Rustic Balcony Garden

credit picture by challengerbuilds

Every style has its own characteristics and so does with Modern town home one. This garden has for the concept is symbolized by the use of stones, water, and plant selection. For modern people, these three elements have their own importance.

  • Stones refer to eternity and stability. They should come in similar form and texture.

  • Water represents life which brings dynamism to the garden.

  • Plants, mainly green, complement the entire establishment.

12. Balcony Garden Idea Uses Pallet

credit picture by garden-pleasures

Pallets are timeless and go well with almost all styles. As pallets never gone down in trend, the use of them in a garden is common. People often consider installing them not only for the aesthetic pallets bring, but also to represent wood element in the nature. This garden explains it visually to you.

It has plants, the must-have items in a garden, neatly arranged stones, and water. It lacks wood element if not for the decorative use of pallets. You get the intention now, don’t you? Natural balance, it is.

13. Balcony Garden with Wood Flooring

credit picture by otthonokeskertek

If the previous picture shows pallets to represent wood element, this one you have here deals the matter with the flooring. To avoid the monotonous, slightly dark tone of wood flooring is chosen. It gives off the vibe of weather beaten which close to the real impression of nature.

Also, you need to keep the given atmosphere intact by placing a pair of wooden chairs as well as coffee table that double as bench as well. And, don’t fail to see the wooden placemat below the potted plants. All the credits go to the name of concept continuity.

14. Pebbles Decoration Idea for Balcony Garden

credit picture by mypalletideas

The plant types are what matter the most in balcony garden, but so is the decoration. This pretty garden uses colorful plant pots and pebbles to solve the case. The colorful plant pots come in various shapes and sizes according to the plant they case. And to set the tone balance, a lot of white river rocks are scattered neatly around the pots.

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15. Charming Balcony Garden

credit picture by decostore

Charming of a balcony garden is defined by how you dress it up. No matter how narrow the space you have, there will always be some methods to present the beauty. One of the ways is to install vine canopy or trellis to support the growth of your vine crops as seen in the picture.

16. Trendy Balcony Garden ideas

credit picture by greenfain

This is actually suitable for all tropical countries with only two seasons happen throughout the year. In other words, most countries in southern part of the world fit. That typical sunshade is the one in trend. Though it is sunshade, it could protect your balcony from the rain also.

The material it made from is what makes it possible. Now, let’s take a few steps back and look at the clever plants arrangement in this limited space. Placed at the railing, the potted plants double as some safety feature that reminds your family members to be cautious near the edge. Clever, right?

17. Balcony Garden with Natural Stone

credit picture by thefreepatriot

People often use reversed condition, where the pots are in neutral colors while pebbles are playful. That will be great, too. It’s in the personal taste, after all. Some psychology research has it stated that the pebbles create relaxing ambience, that’s why it is common to see those stones as the garden decoration.

18. Half Indoor Garden idea

credit picture by starproperty

These are some of the plants that you can add in the indoor corner of your apartment. For perennial plant types, the choices are Anemone, Asters, Astilbe, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Daylilies, Iris, and Peonies. For vines and shrubs, you could pick ones among Azalea, Hydrangea, Ligustrum, Mock-orange, Oxalis, and Wisteria.

Or, if you want to present some trees in the garden, you could choose Acer palmatum, Bamboo, Ginko biloba, Magnolia, Ornamental Cherry, Pine, or Pinus parviflora.

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19. Large Balcony Garden

credit picture by grassnroots

TIPS : To have this fresh greenery area, you need to grow vertical garden on one of the walls. The vertical garden contains various types of plant. It is so to avoid the possible boredom caused by one single plant type.

20. Balcony Ideas with Wooden Pallet

credit picture by hotelpicodaurze

Can you imagine how stunning it will be in time your plants have fully grown? You will have living shade on your own balcony. Don’t worry about the trellis cost, because you could have the budget friendly version of it. The things you need are some wooden pallet on your home.

To have a balcony garden is to pour all your attention to the planning. It has been mentioned in winter garden point that the direction of where your balcony faces matter the most due to your plants’ need of sunlight. It also decides what types of plants you should grow and garden style you aim.

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