20 Air Purifying Plants Will Give You a Healthier Life!

Essentially, all plants have the ability to produce oxygen by using the carbon-dioxide through a photosynthetic process. Moreover, there are also a few kinds of plants that can be functioned as air purifying plants. The National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA) held a Clean Air Study in 1989 which confirmed that there are several plants that can filter toxics like formaldehyde and benzene. As we live in a modern world, we cannot deny that there are many things that can produce pollutant.

To start a healthier live, we must begin from our own environment which means, our house. Even though we have cleaned our house regularly, we also need to purify the air we breathe. That is why the existence of air purifying plants were necessary to make your life healthier. So, what are those air purifying plants that will increase the quality of your life? And how effective those plants in decontaminate the air around you? Here is the answer that we provide for you.

1. Living Room Air Purifying Plants

As the heart of the house, you need to give the best of your living room. Make it a healthy place to gather up with your family and beloved ones by putting these air purifying plants.

Furthermore, your living room will look more fascinating. Here are the plants that you can choose for your living room.

1.1. Zamioculcas zamiifolia 

1 air purifying plants

credit picture by canadianliving

A living room is the place that holds an important role to every homeowner. If you want to turn your house into a healthy and calming place, you can start to fix and redecorate your living room, and this means by having one of the living room purifying plant.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or best-known as the ZZ plant, is marked by its round shape leaves and succulent stem. Since the size is only about 40cm to 90 cm, it can be a sweet and suitable decoration for your living room. The good news of having this simple plant is, it is easy to take care of.

The ZZ plant can tolerate a low amount of sunlight, even in a darker spot, it can still grow. However, to maximize its function as an air purifying plant, you have makes sure it has all the plants’ nutrition needed.

1.2. Dieffenbachia

credit picture by freshdesignpedia

Dieffenbachia, also known as dumb cane, is a “showy” low light indoor plant. The leaves are large with white streaks on their surfaces. Dieffenbachia cannot survive on too little light, but it loves medium indirect light (filtered light, which goes through a thin curtain or shaded glass panels, can work too).

This plant needs moist soil to grow well. So remember to water it every time you feel that the soil is too dry. Yet, don’t water it too much because the leaves may get rotten. Compost just need when planting or replacing the pot.

1.3. Cast Iron Plant

credit picture by waitrosegarden

This plant is as tough as its name! It is called cast iron because it is nearly indestructible. This feature is what makes the plant so ideal for indoor environments. An easy care houseplant for low-light situations. This plant is the perfect to place near doors, windows, heating or cooling vents and any other drafty places.

1.4. Peace Lily

credit picture by flowercouncil

Peace Lily is not only recognizable for its pretty flowers, green, and gorgeous leaves but also its ability to become the air purifying plant. It has that name for the right reason.

This peaceful plant needs high humidity. So, always make sure that the soil is moist enough, never let it dry. When you find the brown dots around your Peace Lily’s leaves, it means that you also need to spray the leaves with the water spray.

1.5. Ficus/Weeping Fig

credit picture by tusom

Despite from the finicky character, weeping fig is still the sweetheart of indoor plants. It has a great look and make your living room look less boring. No wonder many people love to buy it.

If you know that it also has the ability to purify the air, you will be more in love with this plant. But to maximize its function, always keep it humid. Check the soil regularly. Don’t let the soil become too dry or it can die due to lack of water.

1.6. English Ivy

credit picture by wallnatural

Due to its beautiful appearance and function to decontaminate the air, this plant is one of the best options to be put it in the living room. It can boost all your family members’ mood and reduce stress as well. As of its size, it can be put on the corner of your living room. Just pick a proper pot that goes well with your living room style.

1.7. Dracaena

credit picture by whiteflowerfarm

If you are looking the best indoor plants for interior one of them is Dracaena fragrans. This very popular houseplant often goes by the name Corn Plant. like all other Dracaenas, are tolerant of low light, missed waterings, and general neglect. You can allow the top inch of the soil to dry out, as dracaena plants do not grow well in soggy soil.

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2. Bathroom Air Purifying Plants

Why do you need air purifying plants in your bathroom? Is that really necessary? Well, some people might think that bathroom needs no plant at all. But in fact, they can be totally wrong since the bathroom can get too humid and damp and make it less comfortable for you.

Putting air purifying plants in the bathroom can make the air become more breathable and also healthier for you. Here are some suggestions of air purifying plants that suit your bathroom. Who knows, you might interested with some of them.

2.1. Aloe Vera

credit picture by goodhomesmagazine

Planting an aloe vera in your house definitely won’t give you any harm. It may have a spiked edge on each leaves along with the juice from the leaves that smell flashy. But in the other hands, an aloe vera is also easy to maintain. Besides the flashy juice have some advantages.

This plant also has other functions for medication, especially for treating a burned skin. Pick some of its leaves then apply some of the juicy part along with its sap, from the leaf onto the burned skin.

The aloe vera can help the regeneration process on your skin. The aloe vera is also a good substance as a face mask to make your skin look brighter and younger. You can also apply the aloe vera to your hair. After taking a shower, you can apply the juicy aloe vera to your hair, let it dry for 20 minutes, and then rinse your hair. The usage of an aloe vera on a weekly basis can support your hair growth and can reduce the hair loss.

2.2. Golden Pothos

credit picture by sweeten

In the jungle, this plant can grow up to 40 feet. However, when it placed indoor, it can only grow for a maximum 10 feet in height.

It has a pointed-heart shape leaves, which making it good for the decoration. However, it is also called the devil’s ivy, a name that sounds horrible. Yet, it has a really good function, not only it makes the place looks more natural but also to make the air around you more breathable.

To keep the plant grow optimally remember to give it a moderate sunlight every day. You can plant this vine near window blinds so that it won’t receive too much light.

2.3. Bamboo

credit picture by radioheadthekingoflimbs

The bamboo plant has a function to purify the air and it is best located inside the bathroom. It can help you to reduce the humidity and smell that come from your closet.

2.4. Orchid

credit picture by goflatpacks

Some of the people often say that it is quite challenging to grow an orchid. But, as long as you know the trick, you will find that growing an orchid is not as difficult as you think.

An orchid needs enough amount of humidity to stay alive. That is why when you use it as the indoor plant you need to put it in a humid environment, for example, the bathroom. An orchid can be functioned as an air purifier of your bathroom.

Another tip is that you need to constantly check whether the soil is too dry or too humid. When you find that it is too dry, that means that you need to water it. But once it is still moist, that means you have to let it be.

Lastly, you better prepare an insecticidal spray because an orchid can suffer from a disease that led by a scale bug.

2.5. Boston Fern

credit picture by sophierobinson

This is also a beautiful plant to put in your bathroom. Include a forgivable plant, It means that if you forget to water it for some periods of time, it still can grow well. Instead, the Boston Fern can rot so fast, if you water it too much. So, consider to water it only per 10-14 days, or 9-10 days in the growing season.

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2.6. Donkey’s Tail

credit picture by the-pool

Donkey’s Tail or Burro Tail is the next best non-toxic plant that you can pick to be put inside your bathroom. It can actually help you to detoxification the air in your bathroom, so your bathroom will remain fresh all day long.

Put it in the water sink vanity, near the window but avoid the direct light. The donkey’s tail can easily wither if you let it exposed to the direct light.

2.7. Staghorn Fern

credit picture by bellecotedivoire

Staghorn Ferns are as cool & artsy as a houseplant gets. However, they can be a bit challenging so here are some tips for growing them indoors.

An Staghorn Ferns also needs an low light and moderat. It’s okay to put in indoor or outdoor but very recomended to be located in partial shade or low light conditions for the best growth.

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3. Bedroom Air Purifying Plants

You are what lie inside your bedroom. This sentence is true since you sleep in your bedroom. When you are sleeping, your body’s cells regenerate themselves and it needs the good air to do so.

That actually means that you should consider on putting some air purifying plants as mentioned below.

3.1. Snake Plant

credit picture by homeyou

It may be named by one of the most-poisonous animals but this is actually an effective air purifying plant that you can put inside your bedroom. It is named the snake plant due to the leaves that have a long form which looks similar to the form of a snake.

To maximize its function as the air purifier, choose the snake plant with darker leaves color in the first place. The darker the tone shows the better quality.

Plant it in the free-draining soil, because the snake plant is easy to be rotten. So, don’t water it too much, moreover in the winter when the air is so cold, or it might die as well.

Despite its adaptable character and its function to clean the air, it is poisonous for both cat and dog. When your cat and dog swallow it unintentionally, it can lead them to diarrhea or nausea. So, you need to put it far away from your cat and dog. Even prevent them for getting too close to this plant.

3.2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

credit picture by today

The fiddle leaf fig tree is easy to take care because it can tolerate to any amount of lighting (even though it will grow best in the indirect light condition). When you forget to take care of it for some periods of time, it still can grow higher and higher. But, that doesn’t mean that you can let it grow without your help.

3.3. Lavender

credit picture by bobvila

Lavender plant meets all of the requirements to be the favorite plant for a house decoration and also for a gift. It is elegantly gorgeous, has a relieving fragrance, and also has many advantages for your health. Lavender is also an affordable indoor plant that is easy to buy everywhere.

Not only it can be functioned as an air purifying plant, the light purple from its flower can also reduce stress, increase the good mood, and reduce your blood pressure. That is why you can locate it in your bedroom and put it on the table next to your bed.

3.4. Spider Plant

credit picture by trendomat

For you who have the severe phobia of the spider and other insects, here is the good news for you: there is a spider that won’t scare you. The spider plant has a simple and stunning looks. It can be both a good decoration element and also an air purifier. It is also easy to grow and is adaptable to any condition.

3.5. Jasmine

credit picture by roguewoodsupply

As an indoor plant, a jasmine can be functioned into various things. It can be functioned as a decoration for its simple look and it can also be functioned as the aromatherapy to reduce your stress and to bust your mood.

Surprisingly, the jasmine flower also has the ability to purify the air around it. Therefore, you can put it in the bedroom so that you can have a good sleep by breathing the wonderful positive fragrance of jasmine flowers.

3.6. Philodendron Plants

credit picture by ellie-lillstrom

Philodendron is an easy plant for the least experienced owners, and it can grow under medium, indirect light. It cannot survive on extremely bright or low light. Yellowish leaves mean the plant gets too much light, while thin and droopy stalks mean the plant gets too little light. Water philodendron only when the soil looks dry.

So once you befriend with nature, you will get many things in return. In this case, by putting some of these air purifying plants, you will get not only a beautiful looks inside your house but also the healthier and breathable air. Moreover, all those plants mentioned above are easy to maintain and quite affordable.


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