Flower Bed Borders

24 Inspiring Flower Bed Borders for Your Garden

As the most beautiful thing in your front yard and backyard, the flower bed deserves to take the center stage. Therefore, you are not supposed to neglect the essential role of a flower bed borderin accentuatingit. Check out these 25 inspiring flower bed borders that are made out of something that you might never think […]

Vintage Garden

21 Ideas to Maximize Your Vintage Garden

A vintage garden is becoming a trend lately. It’s a great way to make your garden more interesting and pleasing than ever. Move some of your antique elements out to your outdoor living space to give it a unique and vintage look. The popularity of this garden’s style has been growing for years. Probably, it’s […]

Backyard Lighting

29 Stunning Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Home

What do you usually use your backyard for? A place to grow beautiful flowers and edible plants? A place to spend your time with family while enjoying the cool breeze? Whatever it is, you surely need to install backyard lighting, right? Here are 29 stunning and epic backyard lighting ideas that add charm to your […]

Rock Garden Ideas

18 Fantastic Rock Garden Ideas For Awesome Outdoors

Rock garden ideas are some of the most creative concepts for your garden. The existence of rocks in your garden is to show people that garden is not just about greens and pinks. Adding rocks into the mix will set a prominent look to a garden. Just like plants, rocks come in all shapes and […]

Garden Decor Ideas

30 Garden Decor Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

Gardening is one of the most thrilling activities that you can do with your family. It is not just about growing plants but also designing the layout so it looks impressive and inviting. Therefore, you are going to need these 30 garden decor ideas for your beautiful garden. 1. Colorful Zoo Garden credit picture by saintloup […]

balcony garden ideas preview

20 Awesome Inspiring Ideas of Balcony Garden!

Regardless of where you live, whether in the housing or apartment complexes, you could create some garden spot even if the space is limited. Take the balcony for example. Balcony garden is so hot these days. Well, then, you’re about to find more than 20 pictures of balcony garden ideas here. If you’re in the […]

small garden ideas

19 BEST Beautiful Small Garden Ideas to Apply in Your Home!

Size doesn’t always matter in terms of having a beautiful home garden. When you put all your heart into making one, even limited backyard space would make wonder. In here, you will find 19 Best beutiful of small garden ideas. They will showcase a good arrangement of garden elements that balance each other so well. […]

air purifying plants

20 Air Purifying Plants Will Give You a Healthier Life!

Essentially, all plants have the ability to produce oxygen by using the carbon-dioxide through a photosynthetic process. Moreover, there are also a few kinds of plants that can be functioned as air purifying plants. The National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA) held a Clean Air Study in 1989 which confirmed that there are several plants […]

Indoor Trees

10 BEST Popular Indoor Trees to Grow in Your Living Room!

Frank Llyod White, a notable architect once said that nature will never fail you. Nature supports you to live from the oxygen they provide. That is why most of the people nowadays complement their house design with some indoor trees. These trees will not just become another decoration. Instead, indoor trees will make the air […]

Garden Screening

24 BEST! Garden Screening for Your Ultimate Privacy

At the end of the day or at the weekend, you might want to sit back and relax in your front yard. While looking to the bright sky, you can enjoy the solitude provided by your garden. However, the increase in the population leads to the augmentation of houses demand. The housings nowadays become more […]